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Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

I don't think there was an October faves thread, so I thought I'd go ahead and start it (albeit a few days late Smiley Tongue).



-Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl in Sweet Escape: This nude gloss is quite opaque on its own, but it pairs incredibly well with Hourglass' Femme Nude Stylo No 6. It does have a slight tingly feel but not to the point where it felt as though a family of bees were stinging my lips. Too Faced Lip Injection, I'm looking at you.

-Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Waterproof Mascara: I'm a drugstore mascara girl at heart, as I feel that they perform better than most higher end ones. That said, if I had to choose one HG high end mascara, it would be this one. The formula is very black and it holds my curl extremely well throughout the day. Yes, the wand makes it impossible to throw on in a hurry, but for the achieved look, I'll put up with it Smiley Happy

-Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Initiation: If there's one LE eyeshadow you should own for the holidays, it should be this one. It's a versatile color that goes with just any crease color I've decided to pop on. It also wears beautifully on its own blended into the crease with some liner!

-MAC Pro Longwear Bronzer in Nude on Board: Anyone else ever come across a product that simply needs to use itself up once you see the pan peeking through? I deem this the never-ending bronzer, but I'm not complaining as it suits my current NC25 skintone, and it lasts throughout the day.

-Lancome Genifique: There were many days when I was pressed for time in the morning and fussing with a slower absorbing serum was the last thing I wanted to do. Genifique to the rescue! I'll be purchasing a full-sized once I get through all the sample packets and deluxe sizes of this.


What items were you loving for the month of October?

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

These threads are so much fun!



1. Rediscovered my LORAC Croc Palette from years ago.  I was in love with the buttery soft shadows so I bought it but then barely used it.  Picked it up again a couple weeks ago and have been using it regularly.  I particularly love the blush, it's incredibly fine and soft and the more neutral color seems perfect for fall.


2.  FINALLY got my grubby little hands on a Lancome Taupe Craze GWP mini!  Honestly, that little bugger is so hard to find!  I am truly loving this 5-color palette, it's basically perfect!  There's a satin matte cream shade for all-over or blending, a beautiful shimmery light taupe lid color, a matte cool brown for crease, a highlight, and a nice dark brown for liner!


3. Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Liner in Deep Aubergine.  Had this lying around for a while and finally got around to using it.  Like, WOW, it glides on so smoothly and I love love love the color.


4.  CARGO Magic Brush -- this was an impulse buy at Macy's and I love the perfect density and softness of the synthetic hairs for buffing powder foundation.  I've hit pan on my Lancome Dual Finish powder foundation since getting this brush!


5.  Real Techniques Powder Brush -- I actually had my eye on this all summer and finally got it a few weeks ago.  LOVE!!!!  Like all RT brushes, it's so soft and fluffy, this one's perfect for setting powders or blending.  

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Whoa! Thanks for the pic of the RT brush, I've been wondering what the size was. Looks like a great big n' fluffy bronzer brush as well. Mmm, I love multi-purpose brushes.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

It is quite the versatile brush -- I think you'll enjoy having it in your collection! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Great picks, Drrragon! I couldn't agree more with both brush picks! I need to spend some time at the Trish counter next time I'm at Nordies, especially after seeing your recent posts on her makeup line Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

ooh is it possible that i've enabled The Enabler??  LOL!  btw I read your comments in another thread today about CARGO's Tonga blush and if carries it I might just pick it up during their 20% off! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Hahaha, there's always a first time for everything!


Tonga blush looks like nothing in the pan, but it's gorgeous on the cheeks. Another Cargo blush I recommend is Topeka. Happy shopping!! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Yay! Phenomen'eyes! It's perfect for tiny lashes in the corner without clumping up the rest of your lashes. It's been a repurchase of mine for a while! 


Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Woo hoo! Team G -- previously Guerlain, now Givenchy! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

I wish I was a lipgloss girl just because the packaging on those MJ lipglosses are so nice!


I can only think of two standout products:


Benefit Rockateur - I think the name is silly, but on a pale girl like me this looks lovely. Pairs well with whatever lipstick I feel like wearing.


MJ Lovemarc Lip Gel in Showstopper - After being enabled here I purchased this and have been loving it ever since. I'm more of a matte lip girl, but this has just enough shine to be a fun change from what I usually wear. Plus it has decent staying power. The color is a great, true red!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Benefit's Rockateur is one of the best blush purchases of the year! The scent is an added bonus Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

1. I got 3 new MAC brushes in October and I have used them all everyday and they are really amazing:


116 - blush

217 - blending

219 - pencil


2. Dior Rosy Tan Eyeshadow Quint - this quint is just gorgeous!!!


3. Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder -  I have been using this for an all over bronzer and it creates a really atural and luminous look


4. Flowerbomb perfume - I got one of the 250 point perks and I really love this perfume, which is very exciting for me because i have a VERY hard time finding perfume I like


5. Murad Advanced Active Radiance® Serum - i got a deluxe sample of this erum and have been using it twice a day and am actually noticing an improvement in mky skin - it looks more hydrated and bright!  i am definitely pickin gup the full size during the sale!




Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Nice picks! I can't wait to swatch that Dior palette instore! I really like the fact that the Dior shimmer are fine and almost like a glow, not as shiny as my UD shimmers. However, I'm returning Golden Flower cuz I really can't justify a $60 palette that just make my eyelids a bit glowy with so little color pay off.....altho it might be that the lighter shades are so close to my skintone they don't show up well. Oh well, I have Rosy Tan and Earth Reflection on my swatch list for Thurs. Can't wait! =D

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

I was on the fence on Golden Flower, so thank you for confirming that I don't need it Smiley Happy. I really want to like Earth Reflection, but the quint looks really muddy on me. Dior wasn't kidding when they called it an iridescent palette! I hope you pick up Rosy Tan though!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Yes, I was able to swatch Golden Snow over the weekend and was disappointed that two of the lighter colors were basically chunky, patchy glitter. Smiley Sad  

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Oh no! Smiley Sad That sounds just like the quint Dior put out last year. I wonder why they keep doing that!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

If I could only have one eyeshadow palette, it'd be Rosy Tan! Smiley Very Happy I'll have to check out that Murad serum.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Maybe I should finally swatch Rosy Tan. It doesn't seem so great on the computer, so I've never even looked at it in person.

Diorskin Nude Tan is definitely one of my new favorites though! Such a subtle, natural glow. Most other bronzers turn me into an oompa loompa, even with the lightest hand.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Dior shadows are 'softly pigmented' compared to UD's. However, Dior's are extremely blendable and buildable. They also give an overall polished look that can be difficult to achieve with some of UD's shades Smiley Happy


Did you have a problem with the Nude Tan forming a hard film after a few months? I've heard many people sending it back for that reason.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

image.jpg1-3 BRUSHES: Real Techniques Blush, No7 Foundation & Concealer.

4 MAC Fix+

5 No7 Skin Illuminator

I'm trying more cream and liquid products but I'm more skilled with powders. Smiley Wink 

These 5 numbered items stay in my everyday kit though. 


Re: Tuesday Top 5: October 2013 Favorites!

Creams are definitely trickier to deal with, but I'm sure you've got the right tools for them! Smiley Happy You can never have enough RT brushes!

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