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Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

As some of you may already know, I'm a bit of a highlighter hoarder. Companies love to shell out pretty-looking highlighters, and I get suckered in every time without fail. That said, if all of my highlighters were to one day disappear, these are the ones I'd be repurchasing in a heartbeat!


(Clockwise starting with the Chantecaille)

-Chantecaille Rose Petals highlighter: This is a very subtle highlighter, and I can see it working beautifully on paler to lighter skintones. I like to pair this with my cooler toned pink blushes. This was so popular it sold out last holidays, but thankfully, Chantecaille has repromoted it this holidays Smiley Happy

-Jill Stuart Charming Feline: I strictly use this as a powdered undereye highlighter/setting powder, and it does an amazing job in ensuring that my concealers do not crease.

-Laura Mercier Spellbound: Laura Mercier does highlighters extremely well, and this beauty of a highlighter is no exception. It pulls slightly on the beige side, so I like pairing this with neutral and bronzey blushes.

-Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal: This highlighter is not for the faint of heart! It's the secret to perfecting the JLo glow, and it's best achieved with a large fluffy brush. One caveat: use a light hand!

-Chanel Poudre Signee Illuminating Powder: The disappearing CC logo is a good indicator of how much I love this illuminator! I like to think of this as Albatross' less dramatic, more finely-milled younger sister. I love wearing this with blushes with running gold shimmer.


Enable me away, BTers! Smiley Wink

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I've never thought of using the LORAC 3D Liquid Lustres on the cheeks -- thanks for the tip! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

Also, did any of you highlight fans buy the Marc Jacob's LE Luminizing powder?  Do you like it? Mine should arrive any day now and I am super psyched.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I think you'll love it! You can customize it to your liking. I personally like swirling both shades together to give a subtle, neutral highlight Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I used to love highlighters when I was younger and then I backed off when my skin got more mature. I tend to stay away from glitter, sparkles, and heavy shimmer because it can draw attention to pores and fine lines.  No true wrinkles yet but I am guessing it would be like a neon sign.  LOL  Then I found the Hourglass Ambient Lighting collection.  I adore these powders and use them all.  True, some are more of a finishing powder but I find Mood, Luminous, Radiant, and Incandescent (in the new palette) to be wonderful highlighters that never cake, settle into pores or lines, or dry out my skin.  I am hooked for life!  Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I'm hoping Hourglass will expand the Ambient line! Smiley Happy


Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

Highlighter question for all you highlighter addicts:  where do you highlight?



I usually make a C around my eyes going cheekbone to over my eyebrows and then back down.  I sometimes also do a teeny bit right above my cupids bow and right under the center of my lips.  And rarely I do my nose (rarely because my nose gets oily sometimes and doesn't really need it)

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I do my cheekbones in a straight line starting from just under the eye at the outer edge and out to the sides of the face, angling upward a little bit.


 I also do the browbone just under the outer half of the eyebrow, the inner corners of the eyes, vertically right above the cupid's bow (from the bottom of the nose to the center of the upper lip) and horizontally right above the upper lip.  This makes the upper lip look fuller and I really like this effect.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

YES! Thank you for highlighting (no pun intended) the fact that you start under the outer edges of your eyes Smiley Happy. I've seen a lot of people take their highlight too far into the center of their faces that it just seems odd. Admittedly, I made the same mistake previously too.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I do:

~under my eyebrow

~cheekbones a little higher than the blush

~bridge of nose

~Cupid's bow

~a little on my chin


If its a liquid, you could mix it with your liquid foundation for an all over glow.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Highlighters!

I agree on mixing liquid highlighters with foundations! It works especially well during the fall and winter months Smiley Happy

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