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Trying not to shop

So apparently this no buy stuff takes will power! I made it one week without ordering from sephora. I have stuff in my basket now but besides the fact I'm trying to give my wallet a break, there are other reasons making me hesitant to order. For one I don't care for the point perks right now, those are not incentive enough to order like the list was Smiley Sad Another reason is I'm holding out in hopes there's finally a cool rouge only perk since there hasn't been one. And lastly I'm giving my ups man a break from coming to my house everyday with boxes, lol. I really want to order but the incentive just isn't there right now. Come on Sephora, Convince me! Lol. 

Re: Trying not to shop

I think you need to browse the "sale" section.  No harm in that!  Smiley Happy

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