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Train case, worth it?

I've been wanting a Sephora train case for a while but they are soooooo expensive! I've seen people on here talking about Caboodle, which is much cheaper (but not as pretty in my opinion). Are the Sephora ones more sturdy? out of better material? I saw this and I'm tempted....SO tempted.....


(Personally I prefer a color other than pink. I used to be more tomboy and angsty, but BT has made me more mellow and all pink and girly...)


Persuade/dissuade me. >.<

Re: Train case, worth it?

The traincases from Sephora are soooo worth the investment!  I have had mine for almost 4 years and it still looks brand new.  It is pretty durable too.  My boyfriend dropped it down a whole flight or stairs once!  He is still alive to tell the tale after giving me a heart attack when it happened.  It didn't break anywhere and also none of my products and tools inside broke either.  Well worth the money.

Re: Train case, worth it?

There's an awesome train case in the sale section right now--half off! $55 

Re: Train case, worth it?

Beauty tester,


If you play the current (can't remember the name of it) bouncy ball promo on the left side of the front home page of Sephora, one of the prizes is a code for 10% off and can be used until 10/31.  


Now you have got me wanting the train case for storage too.  LOL

Re: Train case, worth it?

Well, it is a good investment. I'm considering whether to get the one on sale right now (as mentioned by half dozen posters here, lol) or the super pretty pink one. But with the % off......I might just get the black one, AND the pink one if that goes on sale. =X

Darn it, there goes my money.

Re: Train case, worth it?

The super pretty one is out of stock 😢


Re: Train case, worth it?

The pretty pink one is out of stock because it's new and not in yet. Sephora will prob make it available in a couple of month, and if Im lucky, then hopefully it will go on sale next summer. =)

Re: Train case, worth it?

@beautytester - I'd say you are determined and on a budget Smiley Wink

Re: Train case, worth it?

That sounds much better, lol. I did grocery shopping today, that kind of put things into perspective. It's not the first time I see the traincase in sales, so if I missed it I won't feel like I'm dying inside. I'll let fate decide. =P

Re: Train case, worth it?

Re: Train case, worth it?

I was not going to buy anything else this month, ugh but this train case is on my loves list. Aaarrrggghhhh!

Re: Train case, worth it?

I'm stubbornly waiting for the discounts, and hoping the old perks link will get fixed, and hoping the $10 tweezers will come back. lol. Yes, I am stubborn and greedy. X.X

Re: Train case, worth it?


Last post, I promise!

Have you seen this?

If I didn't already have a traincase, I'd be buying this right this second. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Train case, worth it?

I noticed you said you were wondering if it was made of metal. It is. Smiley Happy I forgot to add that.

Re: Train case, worth it?

Like you I also did tons of research on various traincases. In my experience, traincases were either WAY TOO BIG and meant for professionals or small, dinky and poorly made. It was impossible for me to find a good, average size.

I LOVE my Sephora traincase.

It's lockable, has an extra strap for travel/the airport, has adjustable dividers that you can use to make the traincase fit your needs exactly. It can fit ALL of my accumulated makeup (and I have tons) and it's super sturdy and easy to clean. It's among my favorite purchases at Sephora. I actually wrote a glowing review for it. (I have the silver croc case.) Smiley Happy

Good luck on finding your dream train case! I couldn't recommend the Sephora one more highly. In my opinion, it's worth every cent. Smiley Happy

Re: Train case, worth it?

anyone who was waiting on the's half off right now in the sale section! Go!

Re: Train case, worth it?

In terms of durability, they're exactly the same. The only difference is how the compartments are arranged on the inside and the label on the box.

The smart thing to do would be to look at several different kinds of train cases to find out what best meets your needs, then go online to try to find the best deal on the case you decide on.


I have a fantastic leather Caboodles case that I bought because it reminded me of music gear. lol It keeps all of my stuff organized so I'm happy enough with it that I'm not tempted by Sephora's cases (which are really overpriced IMO).


What I mean is find one that meets your requirements and maybe complements your style.

Re: Train case, worth it?

Train cases are better for storage but not so much for storage of regular use items.


They're effective for travel and keeping things well aligned and packed (granted the case doesn't tip over or get flipped upside down) and keeping things at a shallow/surface level of storage, but once you start stacking things over one another (like at the bottom/lowest portion), getting stuff in and out is a hassle if you're in a rush or just have too much to sift through. The bottom portions hardly come with any dividers so if it's not packed, stuff is sliding or rolling around.


I own a giant caboodle case, a single train case, and a rolling train case set that came with a detachable top train case and a larger/deeper storage case below. I use those for hauling my client kit along with a scrap book rolling case for my hair/misc. supplies and it's heavy and bulky. My two-part rolling, train case doesn't have the pattern on it, but it's the same model and I couldn't find the exact design of the scrapbook rolling case, but the last pic is close to what I have.





Train cases are a bit deceiving, they're not as roomy as you may think. My personal make up is carried in 2 giant, soft cases made of durable fabric with lots of zippered compartments, sleeves, and elastic loops for pencils. I have various sized make up bags that I use from time to time for immediate travel where I can pack a set amount of make up for a trip.


If you're looking for something to travel with easily, I recommend checking into Zuca. It's a tag pricey, but Sephora used to have a design/carrier with them.

The case and rolling mechanics is much sturdier and sound than most of the giant train cases (mine has since broke so the top doesn't latch to the giant bottom portion, so I lug it around in a strap). The Zuca cases come with multiple soft bodied pouches to store product and makes categorizing easy and has zippered pockets on the sides as well. There's tons of ways to stack and organize them and you can fill them with whatever bags, storage containers, or pouches you essentially want.


Overall, I'm not too keen on hard-bodied storage unless it's just for basic storage to where space isn't an issue. When I'm traveling for personal and need to pack and space is concerned, my two soft-bodied make up bags can be tossed into suit cases nicely or even giant storage boxes without being so bulky like a traditional train case/caboodle.







Re: Train case, worth it?

I do my research (and you know that =P) so I'm getting a traincase, period. I do have plenty of bags for daily use and travel, but I want something hard shelled for storage, moving etc. Ever had your dad stack boxes of book on top of your makeup when moving? or dropping it down flights of stairs? Since I'm not a makeup artist and don't wear makeup often, quality over quantity. I prefer my collection to be tightly edited so this fits the bill. =)

Re: Train case, worth it?

Good good Smiley Happy


The silver train case I have (not the two-load one) was purchased at Ulta and gave me no problems. Their train cases always go on sale and their coupons work on them too. It's normally priced around $45 or so, but they mark them down to the lower $30s, and then with the $5 off or $3.50 off coupon you end up knocking more off the price tag.


I will say that if you plan on storing loose powders or powders that tend to break/crumble easy, line the inside with a shelf liner or something you can wipe down easily/take out and replace.


Most of the Caboodles and train cases have fabric linings and once powders start flying (even if they don't break), they get chalky and dusty looking. You can always wipe down with a damp towel or germ wipe, but sometimes it just smudges things....I've got a couple of shimmery green and blue streaks in mine. Smiley Tongue

Re: Train case, worth it?

Hmmm, have you tried using a tape or vacuum to lift the powder? cuz once it's damp it stains, but I was using powder makeup on one of those face card and by using scotch tape (slowly and gently) I was able to erase 80% of the eyeshadow/blush I put on it.


ps. Yup Sephora case is over priced, but they are so prettyyyyy, I meant the pink one. But, the black $55 has the possibility of coincide with the 20% off so then it would be comparably priced. *fingers crossed*

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