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Train case, worth it?

I've been wanting a Sephora train case for a while but they are soooooo expensive! I've seen people on here talking about Caboodle, which is much cheaper (but not as pretty in my opinion). Are the Sephora ones more sturdy? out of better material? I saw this and I'm tempted....SO tempted.....

(Personally I prefer a color other than pink. I used to be more tomboy and angsty, but BT has made me more mellow and all pink and girly...)


Persuade/dissuade me. >.<

Re: Train case, worth it?

I have had my sephora train case for almost a decade, and it looks as good as it does the day I got it.   I dragged it back and forth from dorms, to concerts, to weddings, on vacations...  I say it is totally worth the investment.  

Re: Train case, worth it?

I dunno about the Sephora ones, but I have looked at the Caboodles and the other brands they have at Walmart/Target and they just don't feel very sturdy. I got lucky and found some vintage luggage train cases at the local thrift stores and thats what I use to store my makeup. Unfortunately they don't offer as much organization, but a couple of full mirrors on the lid and I draw all over them with Sharpie/paint markers so they are not an eye sore. Smiley Very Happy


My advice would be to troll your local thrift stores for train cases and tool boxes if your concern is sturdy. I saw a really nice black and grey vintage Caboodle (late 80s to early 90s, the big plastic ones) but I didn't get it because I was getting things for my house. I wish I would have got that instead because it was awesome! Those old plastic Caboodles were the best!

Re: Train case, worth it?

I got the on that went on sale (I think I snagged it for 25) I hated the pattern on it ikat/Vegas Aqua orange and punk tribal and if I didn't get if for so cheap I would have returned it gasp I know BUT ONLY BECAUSE the closure is UNDER the handle and a bit annoying but these new ones have the clasps on either side of the handle which I love! It's cushioned and roomy and I love it! If you don't like it wait and hope that it will go on sale

-love the girl that only shops in the sale section (almost)



Re: Train case, worth it?

Oh I saw that on sale and hated the pattern too! If I'm paying that much for it I want it to last, and if it's gonna last a long time it better be something I love. I'm tempted to wait until it goes on sale, but if I missed it before it goes out of stock.....well, I guess I can always hope they have patterns I like next year.

Re: Train case, worth it?

I have one last year that looks almost identical. I like it it study and has lots of room.

Re: Train case, worth it?

I bought my sephora traincase last Aug, and I LOVE it! . I did looked at the caboodle ones from ulta and did not like it because it looks like just cardboard covered with fabric and doesnt look sturdy enough for me. The Sephora one looks more sturdy and would last longer  and i like that I can move the dividers/slots.

I think it is really worth the investment. I have been wanting to get this traincase for 3 years now and finally bought one and very happy with it Smiley Happy


Re: Train case, worth it?

I bought mine off of ebay almost 10 years ago and it still works and looks great! I'm in the market for a smaller one and was looking at the ones at Ulta.

Re: Train case, worth it?

I'm kinda liking the new glitter one they have, but I would want to see it in person first with that kinda price tag.

Re: Train case, worth it?

There are some really pretty caboodle ones out there.  Check Target or Meijer and see what you think of those. If you still feel they look cheap and you want more, then get the Sephora one.

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