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Top Ten Summer Products

After browsing the new products, possibly buying them, or shuffling through your stash, have you come across products that you're using often for the summer?  I figured by now some may have an idea of the top ten products for summer.  Here are mine:











I thought the drugstore gems needed their own closeup lol.



1.  Urban Decay Naked palette:  I've worn the mattes in it a lot!  My love for neutrals really did return lol.


2.  Urban Decay Deep End from the UD 15 palette: Although blues can be scary, I apply it lightly and build up.  I love using it with neutrals and Freelove.


3.  Urban Decay Freelove:  It's kind of a peachy/light orangish color.  It reminds me of a tropical paradise lol.  And it makes my eyes look more blue than green.


4.  NARS mini bronzer in Laguna: Jxw200 started my addiction to bronzer lol.  I believe I'm applying it correctly since I don't turn out orange lol.  However, I'm still iffy about using it with blushes like some do.  I'm still new to the bronzer and blush world lol.


5.  TheBalm BalmShelter TM in Light/Medium: I'd say it'll be finished off after this summer or fall.  It's a really good TM, but it does not apply well with a foundation brush.  Other than that, it'll be sad when it is finally used up.


6.  Neutrogena 3 in 1 Concealer for Eyes in Light: Blends well, covers the evidence of my sinuses, and has SPF!  I've been trying to use SPF items more.


7.  Maybelline Volum' Express Plush (Waterproof): I needed a waterproof formula, and I like how light it feels.  I've not had any smudge issues with it.


8.  Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Underground:  I use it a LOT! lol  I love using it just on my bottom lash line for a "more awake" look.


9.  Revlon Lip Butters: I couldn't decide which of these two I use the most, so I went with both and counted them as one lol.  The two in the picture are Sugar Frosting and Strawberry Shortcake.


10.  Bath and Body Works Signature Fragrance Mist in Peach Sparkle:  Although I don't like the taste of peaches, I love the smell of them lol.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

Great post Kimmy!


Definitely helpful to keep on track with things I already have open, and things that are too cold or intense for summer months! Smiley Happy I'll have to take a picture of mine but for now I'm sticking with light lipsticks 


Tarte lip stains and Dior Addict Extreme shades

LipSurgence™ Natural Matte Lip Tint Trio - The Romantics Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick



Volumizing and lengthening mascaras (I am LOVING my hourglass one but also Urban Decay!)


Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara Lush Lash Mascara




Waterproof liquid liners ( Too Faced and Kat Von D)


Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Tattoo Liner


of course, my naked palette!


Naked Palette


and a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer (I love my Dior BB Cream and my Laura Mercier Tinted!)


Dior - Hydra Life BB Crème SPF 30 - PA +++ Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20



and of course.. SPF!


Ole Henriksen - Protect The Truth™ SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

Sorry I can't post the pics, I'm just going to list them.

1. Tarte lipstains in coral colors.

2. Dior BB cream

3. Benefit Ultra-plush lipgloss in Bella Bamba

4. Dior Diorshow mini mascara duo

5. Bumble and Bumble surf spray

6. Sultra hair mascara

7. Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF 35

8. Alterna Summer Shimmer and Style Kit

9. Kat von D Tattoo concealor 

10. DKNY Be Delicious(both the green one and the pink one)

I love these products a lot for summer and I highly reccommend them all!

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

Fun post!  Here are my top ten:


1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

2. Lorac Protectint

3. MUFE Aqua shadow pencil in 20E Pearly Taupe (love it!)

4. Buxom Lip polish in Leslie

5. MUFE Rouge Artist Natural in N18 Powdery Pink (gorgeous everyday pink)

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Blissful

7. MUFE hd primer in Blue

8. Clinique high impact and lash doubling mascaras (sample sizes)

9. Kat Von D Ludwig eyeshadow palette (works well with the naked palette shades)

10. MUFE lift concealer


It's getting hot out there, but I love it!

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

lol, I get incredibly lazy with make up in the summer. I actually love piling on make up in the winter cuz then I don't get wind chapped/burned cheeks (20-30mph wind in freezing weather? ok, let's do moisturizer+primer+foundation+powder). Right now I don't really have a brand preference but must have:


1. SPF lip balm (EOS lemon SPF15, Fresh Sugar SPF 15, Maybelline Baby Lips in cherry SPF20, Too Faced Love Lisa SPF 15)

2. Facial spray/mist (L'occitane Sun Verbena, Philosophy Hope is Eternal, Super by Dr. Perricone Detox spray with watercress)

3. Mattifying product (Benefit porefessional, Clinique Stay Matte)

4. Amazing concealer

5. Make up wipes (Yes to Cucumber which now stings my face, so the $9 Sephora one)


I've actually became more obsessed with nails instead of make up in the summer. I did a YinYang nail, a graphic tribal pattern, a clumsy marbling, and right now have Hello Kitty in Mint with Essie Luxe effect top coat in gold

this is actually not my hand but my nails look exactly like this, except mine mint is less pastel.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@maltipoo  I was about to list my Buxom lip polish in April lol. 



@beautytester  I keep browsing the Essie luxe effects polishes.  How well do you like them?



@sephoramusthave  I was quite surprised at how lasting the new Signature Fragrance sprays are.  The "regular" ones didn't last that long, so I was kind of iffy at first with the new ones.



@jxw200  I love the NARS Laguna!  I keep browsing NARS products to figure out what to try next from that line lol.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

I used to wear the perfume from BBW in black raspberrry vanilla but I havent been able to find it anywhere, and I checked every BBW around me! I still love the scent, they had a 75% off sale that day, so I went for the body spray instead and Im pretty happy too! They last as long as the Escada perfumes and Escada costs way more!

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@Kimmi. Well, aside from Sephora 3-1 I  never used a topcoat before. It's very gooey compare to most nail polish, but it dries pretty well and you can't feel the bumpy glitter, it felt pretty smooth. The glitter coat look like the previous picture except the sizes are more irregular. That's about it. The amount of glitter is just right for me, so I like it.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

kimmi -

i have a essie luxe effects polish and i like it! definitely hard to remove compared to normal polishes (as expected) but the texture didn't feel rough or anything. Do you have other nars products in mind?? Smiley Happy I think you would like the multiples! and some eyeshadows are quite unique colors


sephoramusthave -

I only bought the $50 la mer lip balm because I won a $100 Saks gift card on twitter! I am a huge fan of it, but there might be other products out there that will do the job, especially if your lips aren't in horrible condition... My lips tend to be flaky/dry year round, and then when they are dry i have the urge to pick off the flakes (Eew i know sorry) Initiaally, the balm practically exfoliated my dry lips. Within a few days, the color of my lips was significantly more even, and the lines on my lips were smoother - when i use it everyday, the lines are nearly gone! I didn't even realize that some of the differences in color on my lips (they were more mauve/purple and wrinkly towards the edges) were due to dehydration.  Honestly the only time I've had dry or flaky lips now is when i don't use it for days or weeks at a time or if I'm out in more severe weather conditions - hiking yosemite or out on the cold pacific for a few hours - but the balm even fixed that right away)  The last few weeks i haven't used it consistently and my lips feel dryer and more wrinkly again. But I have read really good things about Sara Happ Lip Slip and Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (in the pot) which are less expensive. and Befine Lip serum worked ok for me in the past as well... Still the la mer balm is like a miracle healing product for me and even my boyfriend notices a difference. 


sorry i just wrote you a novel about it! 

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

jxw200---Thanks for telling me about the La Mer lipbalm. I dont have any issues with my lips. When they get chappy, a simple drugstore lipbalm heals them perfectly. I have tried a few pricier ones, but my HG go to's have always been Rosebud Salve, Blistex Lip Medex and Blistex Five Star Lip Protection SPF 30. Every once in awhile I treat myself to a pricy lipbalm just because I know that its something that I will use up (I use lipbalm every night before bed). The last one I got was Josie Maran (hate it). I would like to try the Lavanila one next though.


Re: Top Ten Summer Products

sephoramusthave - No problem. Sorry that was the longest explanation/thought process ever, haha. Lucky you not to have issues with your lips! I used to love Rosebud (and actually when we have terrible winters or I have terrible colds, I use it on my nose and my knuckles to prevent cracking!) but I always seem to lose them and I have no idea why. Come to think of it, I think the first one I ever had I used up, or at least was very close to it before I lost it. Hmmm I didn't realize Lavanila had one - what flavor is it? Or do they have multiple? and I saw the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips at Sephora the other day and thought it was interesting but didn't try it. Definitely have nuxe reve de miel and sara happ lip slip on the list for the next two nice ones to try, though. Thanks for the tip about the Josie Maran - every once in a while I become very interested in those products and then realize I wouldn't love most of them :/ 


melissa - I've thought about trying the st tropez self tanner, so thanks for sharing your opinion of it! Actually, come to think of it, I have a sample bottle at home! Exciting. Anyways, I think you've made some great picks for summer! Smiley Happy

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

jxw200---I'll add those on my list, thanks! I only tried the Lavanila one once in store and I fell in love with it. Its thick and creamy and I think it had a minty taste/smell/flavor but Im not sure because its been awhile. Some of the pricier lipbalms that I really dont like are Josie Maran and Korres, both leave an awful aftertaste that I just cant handle.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@beautytester and @jxw200  Thank you for the info on the Essie polish!  I may have to pick one up from Walgreens to try.  I've been getting into using glitter (polish and loose) and it seemed like something neat to try. 


@sephoramusthave  Since you use lip balm at night, have you tried the C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm from BBW?

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

kimmi---Nope never tried it. I only have one lipgloss from BBW that I got for Christmas, I think its a cinnamon flavor and its nothing special.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@sephoramusthave  It seems to be hit or miss with their lipgloss lines.  Some of them kind of remind me of the Philosophy ones.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

Kimmi----Yeah I know. Is the night balm that you talked about really good?

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@sephoramusthave  The night balm has made a huge difference for me.  Sometimes, the corners of my lips will crack open, and it hurts like heck.  I then have to use a prescribed gel on it to get it to heal up faster.  This usually happens because I wear a retainer when I go to bed, and if I breathe through my mouth when my allergies are bugging me.  Since using the night balm, I don't have the cracking corner problem as often as I did.  The only time it happens now is when I forgot to use the night balm like 5 nights in a row or something like that.  Forgetting a few nights doesn't bother me, though.  Although it's a small tube, it lasts a long time.  I'm on my second tube of it now.

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@kimmi: I have always had this problem (corners of mouth cracking) since I was a kid! I was originally told it was due to a vitamin deficiency (maybe it still is?) but I have no idea. I have never worn a retainer. I do always keep a tube of Polysporin with me when this is an issue, though, and that seems both to soothe it and to help it heal faster.


Re: The original topic -- there is no "summer" for me, since it's consistently about 55 -- 65 degrees where I am -- haha. I kind of have the same year-round skincare and makeup routine, but when I've lived in places that did have 0 degree winters and 95 degree summers, I definitely switched moisturizers, etc. I will be heading home for a week soon, though...I'm sure that will be a shock. Smiley Happy


My current favorite 10 products at the moment are:


1. Avène sunscreen;

2. Shiseido eye cream;

3. NARS Larger than Life gloss in Odalisque (it's summery...right?);

4. NARS lipstick in Heat Wave (my favorite evening red); and

5. Burberry Blush in Tangerine (peachy but subtle);

6. Lotion I randomly became addicted to at a hotel: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Orange Ginger -- it's not even that moisturizing, but it smells so good I can't get enough;

7. Labello Fruity Shine chapstick;

8. Sachajuan Hair Repair (used as a treatment conditioner);

9. NARS Pressed Powder in Snow; and

10. Burberry eyeshadow in Rosewood.


Smiley Happy

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@katie1724  I've not heard of it being from a Vitamin deficiency before.  That's interesting.  My mom has the same problem, and she does have to take vitamins.  I may have to do some Googling!

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@Kimmi: I have no idea if this is true or not; it's just what my pediatrician said (keep in mind this was like 25+ years ago). I just looked it up, though...apparently common causes are excessive licking of the affected area, sleeping with your mouth open (drooling), having braces / dental work, can be from a chronic yeast infection (to this area), or systemic conditions like iron-deficiency anemia, B vitamin deficiency (or diabetes, or cancer...), in short: I guess it can be attributed to many different things (!). Smiley Happy

Re: Top Ten Summer Products

@katie1724  It sounds like the medicine commercials where the side effects are as bad/worse as the actual condition the medicine is supposed to treat lol.  Braces and dental work...about 2 and a half years of braces, nightly retainer to keep teeth straight, and having 4 wisdom teeth cut out at once.  Sounds about right lol.

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