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Tons of Samples

Please tell me I am not alone. I just got done cleaning out my bathroom closet and I have an embarrassing amount of samples.  Just an estimation but I think I have like 50 foil packs and around 30 deluxe samples of a wide variety of face products.  I basically order exclusively online, with every order I pick my 3 free samples and ALWAYS use a code for a deluxe sample.  I probably order 3 times a month but I have placed up to 8 orders in a single month.  I am constantly using my samples so I never get around to using the full size products I have bought.  But I always have more samples coming in, I feel like I make no progress on using them up.  I also feel like its wasteful to not use them or to not order them.  Anyone else with this problem??

Re: Tons of Samples

I actually don't have very many left. I have a handful of deluxe samples and one packet. I only keep the ones that I know I will use, the rest I give away Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tons of Samples

I have lots of deluxe sized samples from perks/codes/GWPs/subscription boxes but I consider some of them to be almost like full size items since they take a considerable time to use up. For example, the deluxe sample of Benefit Girl Meets Pearl that came in one of the Benefit kits is 10 ml, the full size I bought is 12 ml. No wonder I felt it was taking me foreverrrrr to work though the DS tube!


I am pretty good at using up the foil sachets & perfume vials as they come in though. I save a few for overnight trips, but for the most part I use them up so they don't accumulate. Right now I'm trying to fit my necessary cream & liquid products in the 1 qt bag allowed for carry-on on planes & wishing I had saved a few more sachets!


Re: Tons of Samples

I just gave my mother a bag of samples with her Mothers Day gift- and she's over the moon. I think I'm Going to keep doing that...

Re: Tons of Samples

In the process of packing & moving. I had samples stashed EVERYWHERE! I never touch them, but I should start. i started a pile/bag of items I absolutely will not use to donate to a Women's Shelter or to give away to friends/family. 

I'm also going to cancel my ipsy bag & Sample Society box. I've been subscribing for over a year to both & still haven't found a HG product out of them. The bags are adorable, and the boxes are good for organizing... but I don't use the samples. 

Re: Tons of Samples

What does HG stand for?

Re: Tons of Samples

HG = Holy Grail

Re: Tons of Samples

I have 4 bags full of samples!  I use them on occasion but I feel that I'm not even scratching the surface.  I give some to friends but they don't use them either because they feel that they can't afford them and they stick to the drugstore brands which isn't bad but I always say that if something will work better, then take it.  I'm especially bad with the perfume samples.  I take a wiff and if I like it, I put it away and buy the full sized version instead of finishing off the sample.  I'm trying to be better about the perfume samples...

Re: Tons of Samples



You are definitely NOT alone Smiley Wink

Re: Tons of Samples

I have a whole train case full of samples. If I were to get any more, I'd have to get a new method of storage.. and that's AFTER having cleaned out a bunch and gave my sister, sister-in-law, and my brother's girlfriend a ton of samples. 


I am starting to use some of them though.

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