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Tons of Samples

Please tell me I am not alone. I just got done cleaning out my bathroom closet and I have an embarrassing amount of samples.  Just an estimation but I think I have like 50 foil packs and around 30 deluxe samples of a wide variety of face products.  I basically order exclusively online, with every order I pick my 3 free samples and ALWAYS use a code for a deluxe sample.  I probably order 3 times a month but I have placed up to 8 orders in a single month.  I am constantly using my samples so I never get around to using the full size products I have bought.  But I always have more samples coming in, I feel like I make no progress on using them up.  I also feel like its wasteful to not use them or to not order them.  Anyone else with this problem??

Re: Tons of Samples

My sample draw is always getting full. Seems like i'm adding more and more non-stop. But I dont mind since I always use my samples. Well the majority of them. And there are ones i will leave alone in case when im traveling, so ill be able to take with me. 


I'm glad my draw isn't empty.. since I love samples so much! Haha

Re: Tons of Samples

Hi Mommyto4 I'm the same way!  I love the samples but a lot of the time never get around to using them.  I will sometimes include them in gifts for people who would enjoy them.

Re: Tons of Samples

After Christmas I started a personal campaign to actually USE the samples. I've been doing pretty well, but part of the strategy is to keep them in plain sight. It works, but is a bit messy!


So funny that I sometimes pore over the sample options for 30 mins looking at reviews, etc., then I just toss them aside like they are nothing! Smiley Happy


Just got 5 more today....

Re: Tons of Samples

You're not alone! I always hang onto samples, thinking I might try them someday, but I rarely ever actually try new skincare products (with the exception of a few). I have a giant shopping bag of samples that I feel too guilty to throw away, but I'm realistically not going to use them, either... Smiley Tongue

Re: Tons of Samples

Nope you are definitely not alone.  My samples seems to multiply very quickly!  One time I had so many I gave them to a friend who does charity work.  her and her husband do a toys for tots type thing during the holiday.  She made up little goodie bags for the teen age girls and Moms!  All those samples would have probably gone to waste if she hasn't taken them. I feel so guilty if I have to throw them out because some of those samples are for expensive stuff! Just a thought -  if you have a lot and you don't want them, you could donate to your local shelter, they are always in need of personal care items for the residents.  


Re: Tons of Samples

I wish I had that problem! I adore samples because I'm adventurous I guess. Who wants to send 'em to me! Lol....I just got 5 today actually....going to use my sample of the bareminerals wrinkle cream tonight Smiley Happy

Re: Tons of Samples

You're not alone - I collect bags of samples!  But I don't have them that long - when I have a girls night I bring my "my bag" (or bags) and my friends joke "so what fell off the truck this week?"lol I then dump everything on the table and they have at it. 

Re: Tons of Samples

I love love love samples!!! I collect them like ppl collect baseball cards lol but realistically I rarely use any of them mostly because a lot that I've gotten are skin care samples I don't like experimenting with new things on my face makeup yes moisturizers, scrubs and stuff like that noooo thank you. I think I'm going to start only getting samples of things I actually will try if only sephora gave me a wider selection of makeup samples to choose from :/

Re: Tons of Samples

I have multiple bags of samples but it is not nearly as bad as it used to be.. I used to be a sample junkie. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of samples. So, since I had so many samples, I decided to go on a no-buy for the products I had samples for. Ex. I had about 30 little packets of cleanser. No more full sized cleansers for me! I had about 10 moisturizers- No more moisturizer for me! Until I used up my samples in that category, then i couldn't use my full sized products or buy any new products of that item. It really helped me to de-clutter and also find some favorites and not so favorites!


Also, everytime I travel, I never bring full sized items. I will bring mini shampoos and mini conditioners from sample sizes. Foil packets of moisturizer and cleanser. Anything I can, I bring samples.

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