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Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I have read so many review about Tom ford cosmetics, they got so many thumb ups. So I decide to try on a few such as eyeshadow or eyebrows, lipsticks.. etc

I was wondered anyone in here using Tom Ford yet.

I would like to hear from you guys 

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

oh,I love the cocoa mirage eyeshadow squad, I am planning get one of his eyeshadow.. first I need the tutorial how to apply it.  I heard a lot great reviews from his collection.

Have you ever used his eyebrows ???
 I watched one of beauty Blogger Rae, she highly recommended it. Still wonder should i get it

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

i haven't used TF eyebrow products. right now i have abh brow whiz and dipbrow, surratt brow pencil, and suqqu brow pen. i am really happy with what i have and so i'm really not tempted to look at TF brow products. but now that you mention it . . . if you ever do get it, let us all know what you think!


Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I also use brow whiz and duo powder from ABH too, but  don't see the look I want. Plus Tom Ford the colors are limited for the brows. I will try it first 



Cocoa Mirage eyeshadow squad, what do you think? I like matte colors so much.

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

Hi, I am over 40, so have had many years to try far too many lipsticks. For years I loved the Lancome Juicy Lipstick collection, and I've always loved Dior Addict and collected these. I've also tried nearly every color in the Estee Lauder range, and have several YSL colors I love. BUT I forgot all of these when I tried TF Crimson Noir, which has since been joined by Casablanca in my purse. I truly have not been able to find these colors at any other brand, and the level of pigmentation is incredible; they also happen to stay on my lips for hours, and I have NEVER experienced that with any other brand, especially since my lips stay moist. They brighten my face in a way no other lipstick ever has, and make me look like someone else entirely - in a good way Smiley Happy

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