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Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I have read so many review about Tom ford cosmetics, they got so many thumb ups. So I decide to try on a few such as eyeshadow or eyebrows, lipsticks.. etc

I was wondered anyone in here using Tom Ford yet.

I would like to hear from you guys 

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

Hi, I am over 40, so have had many years to try far too many lipsticks. For years I loved the Lancome Juicy Lipstick collection, and I've always loved Dior Addict and collected these. I've also tried nearly every color in the Estee Lauder range, and have several YSL colors I love. BUT I forgot all of these when I tried TF Crimson Noir, which has since been joined by Casablanca in my purse. I truly have not been able to find these colors at any other brand, and the level of pigmentation is incredible; they also happen to stay on my lips for hours, and I have NEVER experienced that with any other brand, especially since my lips stay moist. They brighten my face in a way no other lipstick ever has, and make me look like someone else entirely - in a good way Smiley Happy

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

ah, tom ford! i love the blushes (all of them) - you get a huge amount, they are nicely pigmented, they blend like a dream and last forever. they are my favorite blushes of all time. i have never met a TF blush i don't love. for the more pigmented ones though you will need a soft blush brush that can apply lightly. the eyeshadows are awesome too. you get a ton of product and they are so soft and blendable. some of the palettes have tom ford's signature glitter shades, some do not. the glitter shades are not for everyone. but if you like sparkle then you will love them. they are meant to be applied with a finger - don't try to do it with a brush or it will be a mess. if you don't like sparkle there are some palettes that do not have the glittery shade: cocoa mirage, and orchid haze come to mind. the lipsticks are lovely as well. creamy, apply beautifully, last for a really long time on my lips, do not dry me out (and i have parched, peeling lips). i am a tom ford addict. if you're looking for advice on shades, i can help you there as well.

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

oh,I love the cocoa mirage eyeshadow squad, I am planning get one of his eyeshadow.. first I need the tutorial how to apply it.  I heard a lot great reviews from his collection.

Have you ever used his eyebrows ???
 I watched one of beauty Blogger Rae, she highly recommended it. Still wonder should i get it

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

i haven't used TF eyebrow products. right now i have abh brow whiz and dipbrow, surratt brow pencil, and suqqu brow pen. i am really happy with what i have and so i'm really not tempted to look at TF brow products. but now that you mention it . . . if you ever do get it, let us all know what you think!

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I also use brow whiz and duo powder from ABH too, but  don't see the look I want. Plus Tom Ford the colors are limited for the brows. I will try it first 



Cocoa Mirage eyeshadow squad, what do you think? I like matte colors so much.

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

Has anyone tried any of his powders? (illuminating, sheer finishing or sculpting duos) Just wondering about their texture, smell, blendability, etc etc ...

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

The lipsticks are great until I found there's an almost identical dupe from Estee Lauder. Both are made in Belgium, probably from the same manufacturer since EL owns Tom Ford. You can find most os TF lippie color from EL's range too. 


TF blush is amazing,the eyeshadows are great if you like shimmer and glitter.

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

This is good info. I was debating whether his lipsticks were worth the price. 


Anybody have have any thoughts on how they compare to Dior or YSL?

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I think they are very comparable to YSL rouge pur couture lipsticks Smiley Happy Try Estee Lauder pure color envy lipsticks, they are seriously the closest dupe I can find for Tom Ford's. 

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

His cosmetics are gorgeous and luxe. I didn't adore his nail polishes (for the price anyway), but his lippies are divine. So creamy, great shades, and rich pigments.

but my real love -- his foundation. O.M.G. Like buttah. So creamy, great coverage, good shade choices, almost like a BB texture. The price is shocking, yes, but it does last a long time. At least, this is what I tell my partner...

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

 In the last few months, I started buying TF beauty items. I have 4 lipsticks now and one - Indian Rose - is my HG lipstick. It is absolutely perfect in every way. Perfect everyday color for me. The other three are nice - feel much smoother on the lips than MAC -- but I love MAC's color selection and finish selection. And compared to TF, the price is much more reasonable. I'm on the fence about buying more lipsticks from TF. I also have a TF blending eyeshadow brush. Its nice for more detailed work, but I reach for my Sephora pro blending brush and MAC 217 first. I think it depends what you want to do with it though. And I just got the TF blush brush, which I love. HG, for sure. So soft and so easy to apply color. My MAC blush brush was scratchy, but the TF is like a cloud. I want to buy an eyeshadow quad, but guven the price, it may take a while for me to talk myself into that. Good luck!

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

I've been lusting over Tom Ford makeup for so long! I'm a lipstick addict and his just looks exquisite! Unfortunately, it will be a while before I can get one, it's just not in my budget's priority list.

Re: Tom Ford Cosmetic Products??? any recommend

Beethousand was lovely enough to send me some great Tom Ford things. I'm now spoiled and will be expanding my collection.


I have Tom Ford's blush in 03 Flush (a gorgeous coral color) and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite blushes. It lasts FOREVER!

I also was gifted a Tom Ford lippie in 09 True Coral and again... it's beautifully pigmented and has great staying power. 


I would definitely recommend both blush and lippies from Tom Ford and I know several ladies rave about his eyeshadows!

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