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Post in Beauty Confidential

The one that got away...

I think we have all experienced that moment where you go to get one of your favorite beauty products only to be let down when the store clerk tells you, "Sorry mam that item has been discontinued".  Smiley Sad

So here's the question, Has any of your favorite products meet the unfortunate discontinued list? and were you ever able to find something similar?





(My product would be Cargo's Wet/Dry foundation and no I've yet to find a replacement!!!) p.s this is my first post so sorry for any mistakes.


Re: The one that got away...

Great thread pinkonyx!  I finally found Anastasia Strawburn Brow Powder with two shades.  I go between the lighter and darker shades depending on how my hair fades between colorings, but I usually use the lighter shade the most.  It is being discontinued and replaced with the darker shade and an even darker red.  Ugh!!!!!  I need to try to pick one of the older ones up before it disappears!

Re: The one that got away...

yes get it while you can. eye brows can be the hardest to find a good color for. 

Re: The one that got away...



This would be the one that got away for me, I've been waiting over 6months for a restock email. I asked at my local Sephora and was told its being discontinued Smiley Sad

Re: The one that got away...

oh no! i hope you find a new better mascara. 

Re: The one that got away...

All of the Dior foundations I used to love/wear constantly (including powders) have either been discontinued or reformulated so I no longer love them!  Luckily (I guess) they wouldn't be the right shade for me anymore anyway since I've gotten so much lighter.  Other than that, I've been really fortunate that nothing I'm completely obsessed with has been discontinued!

Re: The one that got away...

Oh reformulation thats almost worse, its still available but its not the same!

Re: The one that got away...

Some of the Chanel lipsticks that I loved were discontinued but I found YSL lippies and now I'm like "What Chanel Lipstick"? Smiley Happy

Re: The one that got away...

Ugh!! This happens to me all the time!

So far, 2 lipglosses that I've loved have been discontinued. One of them was a Kat Von D gloss called Gunmetal. The other was a black gloss with multicolored glitter made by Sephora (I forget the name atm) and was my absolute favorite. I still have them & use them even though they're probably a few years old now. Whatever. I won't give them up! lol


Closest thing I've found is Make Up Forever's Lab Shine Lip Gloss in chrome onyx and Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss in Repulse but both are a bit much for the office. What I liked about the Sephora one was its sheerness. Oh well. R.I.P.  Smiley Sad

Re: The one that got away...

MUFE's All Mat primer!!! It was the very first product I ever bought from Sephora and it's the only thing that could control my freakishly (so it seems) oily skin. 


After searching through many many products, I've settled on Hourglass Veil Mineral primer (and maybe OC8's mattifying gel.) If I combine it with UD's De-Slick spray, I'll stay reasonably matte - or at least my makeup won't *all* disappear for most of the day. But if I used MUFE's All Mat with the De-Slick, I had NORMAL looking skin ALL day! 


I heard that you can still get it if you order it directly from their NYC store, but I also heard that it went through a reformulation and doesn't work anymore. SO sad!


Re: The one that got away...

Origins No Offense solid stick deodorant.  I could  have a hard sweaty workout and still smell fresh!

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