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Post in Beauty Confidential

The one that got away...

I think we have all experienced that moment where you go to get one of your favorite beauty products only to be let down when the store clerk tells you, "Sorry mam that item has been discontinued".  Smiley Sad

So here's the question, Has any of your favorite products meet the unfortunate discontinued list? and were you ever able to find something similar?





(My product would be Cargo's Wet/Dry foundation and no I've yet to find a replacement!!!) p.s this is my first post so sorry for any mistakes.


Re: The one that got away...

I bought one of the discontinued Kat Von D eye shadow pallets, they go on so nice. 

Re: The one that got away...

Murad Exfoliating Pomegranate Mask. I'm so in love with this and just found out it's bee discontinued. Smiley Sad Luckily i have a packet and a half left so i will make it stretch!! I am hopeful that the OH Blueberry Enzyme Mask will be similar!

Re: The one that got away...

Aw, this is a great first post, girl! Smiley Happy


I used to love the Orange Sapphire scent from B&BW... I know a ton of people didn't like it, but I loved how it smelled, haha


Haven't been able to find anything similar, but I haven't tried looking too hard either.


The Stila Lash Visor was another thing I was absolutely in love with, bought three full bottles of the stuff! This is coming from a girl who switches her mascara religiously, I just love trying them out.


Ahh I'm sure there's always something new coming out! Smiley Happy

Re: The one that got away...

@lcresz, the worst is when perfume is discontinued because they are so unique and hard to replace!

@rikkie I also wait till the last minute to get limited edition things, its like you know you want it but you figure you can wait just a little, then bam its gone!

(I am writing back this way because when I click reply to it says sorry unable to complete request)

Re: The one that got away...

@pinkonyx  I had to download Mozilla Firefox (it's free) to be able to reply.  I used to get the same response.

Re: The one that got away...

I always think "next time I'll get it for sure!" and then a couple months go by and I swear a black hole has swallowed every single one of that item that ever existed. Tarte Aqualillies Palette, why did you do this to meeeee?? 

Re: The one that got away...

Great first post Smiley Happy

Most of yay favorite perfumes have been discontinued or reformulated, but thankfully there are plenty of lovely fragrances out there to choose from. I still miss Donna Karan Chaos though.

Re: The one that got away...

I totally feel ya on this one. I miss my Dior Addict Shine!

Re: The one that got away...

I was upset for over a year when Vera Wang's Rock Princess disappeared. Although I haven't found a real replacement for it, there are other good ones. *sigh*

Re: The one that got away...

I don't know if it counts, but I have the worst habit of falling in love with something limited edition and then totally going back and both on whether to buy it now or not or later or not until eventually it is gone and NOWHERE has it all of a sudden. SO. MANY. TIMES. 


I should learn my lesson one day but I don't know if I ever will. I did convince myself to order the Urban Decay OZ palettes, but I hesitated on Ariel and know there is a store with Jasmine palettes lurking inside but still haven't talked myself into picking one up, haha. I'm going to miss my chance. Again. And then kick myself forever. Again. 

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