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Post in Beauty Confidential

The makeup wars

Over the next few days, I'll be hosting "THE MAKEUP WARS!" {D'on't worry-no violence! LOL}

I will be comparing several brands to eachother, and based on your votes, we''ll eventually have the "ultimate makeup wars winner!" But, in order to figure out the true winner, I need everyone to comment on which is there fav, ok?

I want everthing to be fair for the makeup brands!

Today, the brands I'll be comapring are:

1. Too Faced

2.Benefit cosmetics

3.The Balm

{Mine's Benefit}

{I'm comparing these today because their all very similar in ackaging and product-wise]

Have fun choosing your fav.-DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!-It's like american idol...almost LOL

{By the way, tell me if there's a brand of yours you'd like me to comapare!}

The results:



the balm-1

Benefit won!

Participate tomorrow too! benefit moves on to face more competators!

My vote definitely goes to Benefit.  Their products are a...

My vote definitely goes to Benefit.  Their products are amazing and high quality. Definitely one of my favorite brands on the market.

are we talking strictly eye make up? because if that's th...

are we talking strictly eye make up? because if that's the case Too Faced should come in last, I've never tried benefit e/s or anything from the balm, but i hate hate hate Too Faced shadows, HATE them! I would buy really crappy drugstore e/s before I ever buy more Too Faced shadow. they've got other products that are great, but it's an epic fail in the e/s department for me.

3. Benefit, out of those brands hands down! Their wide va...

3. Benefit, out of those brands hands down! Their wide variety of products makes it easy to solve all kinds of problems 🙂 They have great, high quality stuff!

Re: 3. Benefit, out of those brands hands down! Their wide va...

I agree with you, 18psu55! THX for voting, keep it up everyday !
Now, the scores so far:
Too faced-2
The balm-0

Re: The makeup wars

My vote goes to Benefit. I LOVE Benefit's products, although I really like Too Faced also!


Re: The makeup wars

THX j12003 for your vote.

The score is benefit-3

Too Faced-1

the Balm-0

🙂 This is so much fun!

Re: The makeup wars

Ok hope I made your deadline!  I don't have anything by the balm; I have a few items by Too Faced;  I have the Bronzed and Beautiful, which has three differentt bronzers in it. They were all too light to be noticeable on me and one of them was made in China which kind of bothered me because I don't understand why they would outsource this product.  Wrinkle injection did absolutely nothing.   I use Oooh la lift by Benefit every day and have for a long time, but anything else I have tried from them has been unimpressive and I haven't repurchased .  If I had to vote, I would say Too Faced and Benefit are on an equal level for me, I can definitely live without them.

Re: The makeup wars

THX anaa, i guess i'll count 1 benefit and 1 too faced for you!

score so far!



the balm-0

THX everyone!

Re: The makeup wars

I have never tried the brand the Balm but I use Benefit's Erase Paste everyday. One of my favorite eyeshadow collections is Too Faced Naked Eye palette. I am currently on a business trip and I brought both of these items with me. I have tried both Benefit and Too Faced powder foundation. I liked both products but neither one seemed to like my oily skin. Could I vote for both or do I have to choose?

Re: The makeup wars

no prob., you can vote for both, so did anaa! So i guess 1 for benefit and too faced for you! 🙂


the makeup wars!

Hi, everyone, it's beebrunet here, and I'm hosting "the makeup wars". It's a friendly competion between sephora's amkeup brand sto find the overall fav. based on your votes. The more it's voted for, the more of a chance it could be the ultimate winner!

And todays nominees are:

1.the Balm

2.Too Faced

3.Benefit Cosmetics

{oscar moment, there...LOL}

Anyway, my fav. is benefit, but I REALLY want you to vot too! So, vote for your fav. quickly, it'll be fun! Just a simple answer is fine!

Have fun with this, i know I am!!! 🙂

Out of those three i would have to say Too Faced.   Benef...

Out of those three i would have to say Too Faced.


Benefit would have won if they would just expand their shade range.


this is cool, you should do another.

Re: Out of those three i would have to say Too Faced.   Benef...

THX i'm having fun doing this, and i will be doing it for a while 😉
so now,
THX for voting keep it up!

Re: The makeup wars

I don't have any products by the Balm, so I can't compare them, but of Too Faced and Benefit, I like Too Faced best, their Shadow Insurance and Lash Injection mascara are great, IMO.  Benefit is nice, but the Erase Paste doesn't really match my skin, and their Creaseless cream shadows crease on me, even with primer.

Re: The makeup wars

oh,tough one. i love all of these lines for different products and reasons--i am going to have to say Benefit though. Yes, i do love me some benefit. i love benefit blushes and badgal lash and concealers and i could go on and on. but i have to show too faced and the balm some love too-both great lines that have products i love very much. But yeah--Benefit.

Re: The makeup wars

 THX shasmakeupgirl Great! So, 2 for benefit, and 1 for too faced.

Re: The makeup wars

Thanks for your vote! Your the 1st one! So, 1 for benefit, and 1 for too faced


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