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Post in Beauty Confidential

The Throwback Thread!!!

I've been thinking about the "good old days" a lot lately and having a lot of flashbacks of things I used to love or find funny. So I thought I'd start a thread to share our favs from the past whenever the moment hits. Anything and everything welcomed!



Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

This is soooooo amazing!  @ZombieMetroAnt

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

My brother would love this!

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

A long time ago, the Nordstrom near me got a new line of makeup that intrigued me.  They claimed to be the best for complexion and didn't airbrush their models for ad campaigns. Anyway, these photos look so messy, but it was because, and they had the Most egorgeous shimmer pressed and loose powders and cream makeup. It was Becca, and I was a sad when they left, and then so happy when they popped back up at Sephora. 


Anyway, here's a cream blush eyeshadow and concealer on the left, loose powders Hyawatha and Aphrodite, pressed powder in Mermaid, and a loose setting powder on the far right.


I'm pretty sure I had more, like the mermaid in loose powder, but found these tonight. Swatch with flash shows from L-R: mermaid, Aphrodite, hyawatha is the warm one.  These were before highlighters, so these were intended as an overall setting powder, I kind of packed them on for swatch purposes.  Will have to use these again one day. Did anyone Else use becca before they came to Sephora?









Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

I did @sister13! I loved their sheer illuminating foundation, and they had the best line of pigmented lip glosses. I used to buy their products from a local specialty boutique long before Sephora even came to my city. 

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

I'm still sad about Pout Cosmetics. I discovered them in 2006 at Holt Renfrew and by 2007 they were gone. Amazing brushes, and their packaging was adorable! 



Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

OMG who remembers Student Bodies??? Possible reunion!!!! OMG!


pics from FB

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

I saw that on FB too. I sure hope a reunion happens. 

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@virgo87me too Smiley Happy

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@virgo87posted about The Babysitter's Club back in December.. anyway I was at Barnes and Noble today returning a 6.5lb!!! coffee table book and saw this:




I guess it's called a graphic novel now? it looks like an extra-long comic book to me!  this is just not the same at all!

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

I saw this at a bookstore, too! Definitely not the same, but my life aspiration is still to become Claudia Kishi. 

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

Definitely interesting that they are still trying to keep the idea alive.

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

If this guy were on etsy, I'd totally pay him to make me one of these - 




Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

OMG this is so cool @ZombieMetroAnt!

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!


Indie beauty brand Tooth & Nail Cosmetics just released a collection of super pigmented Sailor Moon highlighter shades. The packaging is completely adorable, with images of Artemis, Luna and Diana (basically, the cats associated with the main characters, if you're not familiar with the show) printed on the compacts. Diana is a shiny lilac shade that reflects gold, Luna is more violet-toned and reflects silver, while Artemis is a bold white shade with gold undertones, and Mini Moon is a soft, pearly pink with a violet glow. Luna is already sold out, and there's just a few of the other shades left, so we suggest you hurry if you want to harness the power of these magical highlighters.


This isn't the first time beauty brands have capitalized on our nostalgic childhood memories either. One beauty brand recently released a Lisa Frank collection, and there's also a Beauty and the Beast serum. Personally, we think they'd all look amazing together on our vanity.
Even better, the brand is completely cruelty-free, and each shade retails for $14, or you can buy the bundle and get all four shades for a discounted price of $40.


Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

Ohhh these are cute!!! @darkiceis

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@darkiceis, know anyone in Japan?


"Unfortunately, there's a catch to these adorably nostalgic lippies: We'll have to keep admiring them from afar, because the Sailor Moon lipsticks aren't available in the U.S. just yet."


Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@ZombieMetroAnt  If you google Japan Shopping Service, you'll find there are a few services that will buy the item for you and ship it your way (with a fee, of course).  I used to use one such service (but they're not around anymore or I'd link you to them) and my wallet was so upset with me because I was buying all the Japanese things. Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

Oh wow @ghrelin 😳🤗😘 thank you so much!!!  I didn't know this and really appreciate the tip 💕

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@ZombieMetroAnt  You're welcome!  I hope you don't need a second job after this though!  haha  Smiley Wink

Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

@ZombieMetroAnt think I can use these to blind my enemies? Smiley Very Happy 


Re: The Throwback Thread!!!

I love Play-Doh!  Still play with it today Heart even without the kiddos!



Mr. Bubbles has new competition in the bath tub.

Townley Cosmetics, which built its business with glitter makeup for young customers and hot licenses such as Disney Princesses and Minions, is rolling out a Play-Doh bath line.

The bath products made an official debut in the MTV Gifting Suite presented by Secret Room Events, according to Gloria Safdieh, Townley’s marketing coordinator.

“We built a Play-Doh Bath backdrop and gave out tons of samples. Celebrities were really excited to share our Play-Doh Bath products with the kids in their lives,” she said.

Among those getting their hands on the bath and hair-care items were Instagram stars The Royal Twins (Bella and Chloe Abir), actor Bryce Gheisar, actress Ashley Dulaney, actor Steven Bauer and actress and America’s Next Top Model contestant Paige Mobley.

Wal-Mart and Toys ‘R’ Us are the first to market with a bath soap that resembles the beloved modeling compound and a three-in-one hair-care item. By the end of April Play-Doh is expected to be in 8,000 doors, en route to 25,000 stores by year-end.

After several years of tepid growth, the bath category is bubbling again with IRI data showing double-digit expansion for the first time in 10 years.

“We thought it was a good time to get into the bath business,” said Abie Safdieh, Townley’s chief executive officer. After surveying the competitive environment, he got the idea for a Play-Doh theme.

Safdieh’s team devoted more than a year to formulating a soap that mimicked the consistency of Play-Doh. “Once we had something we liked, we approached Play-Doh,” he explained. “I took a clump, placed in on the table and said ‘We want to be your licensee for bath.’” The Hasbro-owned Play-Doh, unlike many popular kid’s properties, currently has limited licensed products.

The Play-Doh soap comes packaged with five colors of soap. The combination shampoo, conditioner and body wash resembles stacked Play-Doh containers. Retailers are pricing the item from $3 to $5. Gifts sets will be added for holiday.

Beyond bringing a new face to the juvenile bath business, Townley’s executives said entry into bath with Play-Doh expands Townley’s reach beyond its girl-dominated business while also helping build year-round sales.


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