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The Packaging Thread

Packaging plays a major role in beauty products. Brands put out releases with special LE packaging. How many times have you drooled over the compact itself or the box or jar? Some packaging is a work of art. This is a thread to show that extra swoon-worthy items you had to photograph and share. I'm a sucker for the PMG lipstick boxes and keep them all. Huda put out a number of lip sets in adorable tins (this tin sits on the bathroom counter). These are a few of my favorite items. Please share yours. I can't walt to see.Huda Contour and Strobe Lip SetHuda Contour and Strobe Lip Set


PMG MatteTrance ElsonPMG MatteTrance Elson


PMG LuxeTrance Sorry Not SorryPMG LuxeTrance Sorry Not Sorry


Re: The Packaging Thread

I know! Memories! I think I have a lipstick from this collection somewhere too! @lmaster 




Re: The Packaging Thread

@sister13 this was literally my childhood 😊💖

Re: The Packaging Thread

Never saw this cartoon, but looks just like 'Jocelyn'!  Maybe the stylist & costume designer for Sch!tts Creek drew some inspiration from 'Jem'?, @sister13 


Re: The Packaging Thread

@sister13 @I always sort of regret not ordering that lancome highlighter! It’s so so pretty! 

Re: The Packaging Thread

It’s pretty pointless as a product, but I do think  it’s so pretty! @Kim888 

Re: The Packaging Thread

Remember these Urban Decay beauties? 


Re: The Packaging Thread

Some of their packaging is really something else @heartsmyface ! Like works of art 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface I sure do! 🙂 I actually own the Alice (butterfly) one. It was a gift from one of my oldest friends, that palette is truly a piece of art.

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface , the Alice collab!  😯


Re: The Packaging Thread










Re: The Packaging Thread

Oh so very gorgeous Hearts! @heartsmyface 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@sister13   I’m weirdly going to miss the Lauduree adventures and lining up outside pretending to be as patient as everyone else waiting for the store to open on holiday release day.
  I’m still jealous of the swan you got a hold of.  They were sold out everywhere. But also, would I have used it? 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface What an absolutely stunning collection of Laduree. ❤️ WOW. I saw your post indicating it's sold in Japan and the "experience" of shopping is there? 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@QueenMarceline Yeah, it was 😔.  A little awkward and somewhat time consuming if you have a group of friends waiting on you to ‘make a quick purchase’ but it’s part of the shopping experience to be doted on. 
The Laduree  brand didn’t survive Covid so they shut down all their physical stores (tea shops as well) in December.  Online commerce stores will only be licensed to sell their products until July this year and then they’ll be gone.  

One can only hope something equally as beautiful fills the void they’re going to make. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface Oh no! That is such a bummer 😞 me and my s/o were talking about maybe taking a trip to Japan and South Korea sometime in the next couple of years and I was definitely going to put this on the agenda as my "mandatory stop". That is such a bummer that this among so many other brands did not survive Covid 😕 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@QueenMarceline You will barely notice the lack of Lauduree when you go.  We’ve been going late fall for over twelve years and it’s ALWAYS overwhemlingly exciting! 

places you must go:


-the fifth floor of shibuya station for hakuhodo brushes and Japanese high end like Este, Albion, Addiction, Three
-Cosme decorte

-lumine in shinjuku

-loft -3rd floor

-Yodabashi camera in shinjuku (they have a cosmetics floor and omg the jingle they play on repeat is stuck in my head now) 

- Tristan Isteban in Omotesando (isteban mirror)

-109 top floor far left 

- jill Stuart in Omotesando (they have loads of neat giftware) 

-Tokyo Hands floor 3.5 -omg all the makeup (and all the everything else!) 

-Etude house (there’s one in 109 and also in Harajuku)

-the drugstores have lots of neat stuff too 

-I think mega donki closed

Also of note- buy the grapes and strawberries at any corner store even though they’re $14 for a handful. You won’t regret it. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface Oh my gosh, thank you so much 🙂 I actually screen grabbed that so I can always remember it.

Re: The Packaging Thread

This collection is outstanding- thanks for posting it!

The top photo- such opulence! Is it from a 'cousin' brand of Guerlain?

That Fan alone, is a delight to see. Even if I never have a chance to get my paws on Laduree stuff, I'm contented that the designs were realised. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@MvLL   Sorry I didn’t post the brand name for the gold products.  They’re from History of Whoo, a high end Korean brand.  In the same league as Guerlain though.
Ha, i stood there with my mouth wide open when I came across their counter and then bought foundation that was too dark for me cause I wanted the pot.   I’ve adjusted to shade inside to match my own. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

@heartsmyface I’ve heard of The History of Whoo for their skincare, but had no idea they had a makeup line, and a fancy one at that! Love the pieces you chose! 😍

Re: The Packaging Thread

@Guessgal   Yeah I discovered them backwards cause the makeup was prettier but the skincare still comes in pretty luxe packaging. They were kind enough to give me deluxe samples of everything and label everything with numbers so I knew which order to use them in.  Their eye cream is FANTASTIC! There was a lotion I loved… and their warming face mask.  I don’t know thé actual names but I’d know them if I saw them. 

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