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The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Happy New Year All!


I debated starting this thread again but since I  - inexplicably 😉 - made Rouge again, I figured why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Welcome to the Great Rouge Experiment - Part 2.  My rouge status is good until December 31, 2017.  Last year we documented every "Rouge-only" perk to determine whether being Rouge was "worth it"  And I figured we can do it again this year to see if the program is getting better (or worse).


Just like last year, every Rouge-only perk or event that I hear about will go on this thread and if you hear anything please please please add it to this year-long running list.  And then on December 31, 2017 we can really assess whether it is worth the extra $600+ to be Rouge and if the Rouge program in general is improving.


Mods, last year this thread was moved to the Rouge-only area which I don't think was helpful to non-Rouge BIs who are wondering about the program.  I'd really like to keep the thread here if you don't mind.  Thanks!


January - 0.5 - Canada's "luckyrouge" event for Chinese New Year


February - 1 - 0.5 -  Sephora x Ren event in NYC




0.5 - in-store event in Canada with a really cute red VIB Rouge bag.


March 1 - the selfie light gift with purchase event.


April 0.5 - +1 for an extra day of shopping during the spring sale but -1 for no points multiplier like the BIs got. +0.5 for IGK hair event in Chicago. It cost 2500 points.


May 1.5 - +1 point for the flash your card event (the one with the huge makeup bag) and +0.5 for the preview event in Canada for this weekend's closed door event (It was still technically May lol).  


June 1.5 - +.5 for the US part of the Fall Preview Event and +1 for the $15 coupon


July 1 - +1 for Rouge-only coupon: $20 off of $100 or more.


August - +2  +1 for the extra day and 1 for the extra multiplier during the Summer Splurge Points multiplier event


September - +2  = +1 and the Sweaty Betty points event +.5 and a Bumble and Bumble event +.5 for a total of 2 points.  Not bad.


October - 0


November - +2 = +1 for each weekend that Rouges got 20% off


December - +1 for the extra $5 off of $50 that Rouges received over VIBs with the coupon


 Yearly Total - 13 (better than last year! )

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

@Annaihk Will you be making a new thread for 2018? 🙂

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Boy oh boy have I been AWOL! 

Happy New Year/New Year's Eve everyone!

November had 1 definite Rouge event - our extra and early weekend sale (20%). I think I'd give another point for Rouge's being able to participate the following weekend unlike previous years so +2 for November.


It might even be +3 for November when you consider that our "December coupon" ($25 off of $50) began on November 30, but I'll add that to December since without that, December would be at 0.  I will say that I'm glad that Sephora brought back the sale on sale.


How was your year Rouge's?  Did you re-up for next year?

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I re-rouged, but later than usual. I wonder what will happen in 2018. The surprise coupon in the summer was great! I hope they do that again 🙂

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Usual $25 off $50, but disappointing that it's now a code.



RE: Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

@ohheyitscindyk I didn't read the whole email. It doesn't make it worth it to buy online

RE: Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I totally agree about it not being worthwhile to buy online, @KNC24. I’ve decided to go in store so I can use my November play pass so I can get the 50 extra points.

Re: RE: Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

@KNC24 There isn't any freestanding store near me that is generous with samples, so I'm considering trying the SiJCP near me this time. But I'll have to see if there's anything I want there 🙂

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I'm super late.  Happy mid-November/almost Thanksgiving everyone.  We're in the midst of part 2(!) of the Rouge sale which is nice since, by my count, there were no Rouge events in October.  Zero. Zilch.  Nada. 0.

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Mods have now published full details about the 20% Nov sale. I don't quite recall last year's sale schedule for Rouge vs VIB, but this year, Rouge get a "preview weekend," or 4 extra shopping days compared to everyone else. On the other hand, this year is the first time that they have opened the sale to all BI with 15% off. What does everyone think about this year's model and how it impacts the overall "value" of the Rouge program?

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I like that we have an extra week to shop, but i am super disappointed now that VIB get 20% off too. It just shows they really dont care about rouge members. Next year i will still be rouge, but i will definitely be making most of my purchases from the brand sites or other stores instead since they have higher discounts or actual better perks.

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Wouldn't care if the 20% was given to everyone but do wish Rouge were maybe given an extra sale, like in the summer months...or more discount codes here and there. Also think we should have access to more samples  (others sites give more samples as you tier up)and receive the samples we actually request. 

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

VIB has always been given 20% off. And frankly, it would be dumb for Sephora to only give the discount to a small tier of customers when most retailers do sales this time of year.

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

For some reason i thought it was 15% last year for VIB, but heck there should be a discount difference between VIB and Rouge

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I’m not disappointed they are giving everyone a discount but rather they didn’t increase for Rouge as well.  

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Yeah that would have been nice, or at least did something extra other than just giving out a reusable bag instore for one day only

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Happy October Y'all!  Hopefully Sephora has more treats than tricks for Rouges this month.


This September we had the Rouge Fall Preview +1 and the Sweaty Betty points event +.5 and a Bumble and Bumble event +.5 for a total of 2 points.  Not bad.


I'm wishing that Rouges were able to take advantage of the random 15% of code that was leaked earlier in the month but cest la vie.;)

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

I went to this event and highly recommend you attend a salon event as long as they offer a make over.  Here's pictures.Took train to eventTook train to event






Front DeskFront Desk



Updo styleUpdo style



Fancy BuffetFancy Buffet



My new lippieMy new lippie



My final look loveMy final look love




ohheyitscindyk wrote:


Another Rouge event for 1,000 points:


large.jpeglarge (1).jpeg




Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2

@howconnie Thanks for reviewing these events!


I really really love that new lip color on you. 

RE: Re: The Great Rouge Experiment 2



Requires 1,000 points, but I figured I'd still post it, since it is a Rouge event. The only participating locations are in CA (5), NY (4), & CT (1), though.


Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.49.38 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.50.09 PM.png
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