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The Best Buys: Masks!

Hey! Although I just got a profile on beauty talk I have a lot of experience with makeup (:

I wanted to share one of my longtime favorite indulgences....


  • Omorovicza Deep Cleaning Mask (If you willing to splurge)

or if not....


  • the GLAMGLO Tingling and Exfoliating Mask!

These are some of my favorite buys and I think the world should know <3

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

Thursday's are "me time"! My boyfriend has soccer, so I watch my shows, paint my nails, enjoy a glass of wine & a nice mask depending on what my skin needs:

- GlamGlo when I'm hormonal

- OH Lemon Flash 3 step peel when I need a full out exfoliation or have a "big event" during the weekend

- OH Blue/Black berry mask when I'm dry

I've never heard of omorovicza, but want to look into it. 

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

Thursdays are my day too!  It just seems like the best way to celebrate weekend's eve Smiley Tongue

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

I love the Omorovicza one ^.^  definitely a fangirl of the brand!  I just love the light tingle and the way it doesn't feel super dry when it comes off, soooo worth it Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

hmmm u guys might be getting me onto something new ...

is it ok for sensitive skin?

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

Yes! My older sister has extremely sensitive skin and it works wonders for her!


Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

I believe so, most of their products are formulated to have soothing and healing properties, my skin isn't overly sensitive but it does get cranky on occasion and I've never had any issues with their products. Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

hey, thanks for sharing!!!! I always love hearing about other people's favorite products - it gives me an idea of what to try next Smiley Happy

Have you ever tried the origin's active charcoal mask? thats my favorite mask so far...

Re: The Best Buys: Masks!

Yes.. I was obsessed with it for a while but now I can't choose, there are sooo many wonderful masks Smiley Happy


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