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Teeth whitening

has anyone tried the Whitening Lightning kit? I see a bunch of you tubers raving about it but not sure if their opinions are skewed. They say it doesn't cause sensitivity, although I'm aware its different for everyone. Opinions from those who have tried this?

Re: Teeth whitening

Check out GLO Science! Clinically proven to whiten your teeth 5 shades in just 5 days!! Super easy and fun without any mess, trays or sensitivity 🙂 Just 4, 8-minute sessions and your teeth with be GLOing in no time!

Re: Teeth whitening

By  go smile? I actually just used my whitening kit 2 days ago and my sister  used it yesterday. Her teeth are much more sensitive than mine and neither of us were bothered by the light or whitening gel. I will  say that I used the pre-whitening gel (the package that was in the sale section for the longest time) so that may have something to do with it. I had no problems with sensitivity during or after using the system. My sister and I split the cost of the

kit when it was on Gilt. We took the plunge because we also had an extra 20% off coupon so we only paid $35 each. For $35 I am quite pleased. It doesn't do miracles but my teeth are significantly whiter and I am happy with the results. 


I hope this helps 

Re: Teeth whitening

If you're talking about the whitening stuff in Sephora...Ya...I don't know about that but it does look lil dangerous to me. I use a toothpaste for whitening and sensitivity called Crest Pro-Health. I love it! I have had yellow teeth almost all my life and know everytime I use this toothpaste it clears it up bit by bit. I haven't tried the whitening strip yet and want to. Sorry I didn't help much 😕

Re: Teeth whitening

The sensitivity issue makes me a bit nervous, sometimes it's not just temporary sensitivity, it ends up being a chronic problem.


I would talk to your dentist and ask him/her what they think. They can give you an idea of how strong your enamel is and what ingredients might be best for you to use or avoid using.


My dentist also says that the majority of people are either 'plaque' people or 'tartar' people. This means the PH  is different for different people and what works and is hopefully safe for a plaque person might be different for a tartar person. (don't think PH is the right description - kind of like the 'flora' or 'fauna' or different peoples mouths, body chemistry related - does that make sense?)


So, I'd talk to the dentist. I don't have the strongest enamel and had to be super careful. He also explained that my teeth really weren't discolored or yellowed, it's just that my skin is so white - my tooth color on a darker skinned person would look quite white. 

(have to put that on the 'you know your pale when...' thread)


I hope you have a trouble free experience and are satisfied with the results you achieve. 🙂

Re: Teeth whitening

I wondered the same thing because it comes up on Haute Look all the time and a lot of the vloggers rave about it. Go to youtube and find the review/rant about it by FromBrainsToBeauty. She basically says it's garbage and says how disappointed she is in the people that shill about it all the time. 


It's basically hydrogen peroxide which you can buy yourself at the drugstore.


My dentist always told that for it to be effective it needs to be a combination of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. 

Re: Teeth whitening

Yeah, I watched her video. I know results vary from person to person. I'm sure these products were made to have you keep buying it or it wears off/fades. That's probably how they make money.

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