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Team BIC for the Win

Thank you so much for this amazing surprise!!! I was literally about to pick up the Gucci one and now I don't have too. More monies for the makeup LOL. Seriously, thank you!! @CarolBT @AlexBT @GeorginaBT @LexBT 




Re: Team BIC for the Win

Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!! @AznAngelLiz 

Re: Team BIC for the Win

So amazing @AznAngelLiz !

Re: Team BIC for the Win

Congratulations, @AznAngelLiz!! 🎉

Re: Team BIC for the Win

@AznAngelLiz  Wow!  Congratulations!!

Re: Team BIC for the Win

Oh mylanta, this is amazing! I have not gotten UPS confirmation but I did complete the survey last month, so I sure hope i get one! So amazing, congratulations!!! 💕💗💕🙏🙏🙏 @AznAngelLiz 

Re: Team BIC for the Win

@AznAngelLiz OMG!  I have serious FOMO - this is like one of the best gratis packages.  Congrats to you and all who received or will receive this!


Edit: OMG - I'm such a dum-dum!  I DID receive an e-mail about this.  @gg84 was right: it said "we want to make sure you have something to spritz as you prepare for the holiday glitz."  How could I forget this???  Maybe b/c I run around with a chicken without a head all day at work?  (Just heard we're starting a red zone for COVID + patients.)  At least now I don't have to have FOMO.  I love Chloe and Gucci...and the Kilian On the Rocks bottle is to die for.  And just the other day I was thinking about YSL's Black Opium.  I've gotten samples of Floral Street but tend to give you EDT samples away as gifts - but since I love florals how could I not like this brand.  Sorry to go on and on, but now I have a reason to drag my butt out of bed on the cold, dark mornings.

Re: Team BIC for the Win

@greeneyedgirl107 Oh YAY! I'm glad you're getting this too! I have never heard of Kilian before but you're right, the bottle is amazing and it smells pretty nice too. I love every single on of these because I like fresh/floral scents and even thought Black Opium isn't, it's a nice winter scent. I just need to decide which one to wear tomorrow. Eeek

Re: Team BIC for the Win

YESSSS you got it @AznAngelLiz!! Love this photo! We're talking about these over here: Ho Ho Holidays, The Festive Fragrance Gratis Thread! Would love to have you join in and share in the fun. 😍

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