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Tattoo Regrets?!

When I was 16 I did a very foolish thing and got a tattoo... now i'm 25 and find that its just not me anymore and I want it GONE!  Its a pink and black skull with flames that I got on my lower stomach, by my hip bone.  The only time anyone would see it is if I were in a bikini, but I have to see it everyday and I just feel embarrassed to have it.  I finally decided that i'm going to look into laser tattoo removal. I have my first consultation next week and I am very excited but also very nervous! 


So, this made me wonder if anyone has a tattoo they regret?  Have you ever had one removed?  Ever had one covered?  I'd love to hear your experiences!

Re: Tattoo Regrets?!

Good for you DR. Whoever your consult is with, ask them for before and after photos if you have not already seen them. Tatts are great but if you change your mind it is good to be able to have them removed. Good luck!

Re: Tattoo Regrets?!

Yeah like brat said ask for before and after pics and check out their reputation Smiley Happy  Yeah I have 3 tattoos and don't regret them but want to change them/add to them.  I feel they are plain and want more art.  The one on my ankle is the water symbol in Japanese with waves but I don't like it so much.  I might get a tattoo to cover it up.

Re: Tattoo Regrets?!

The longest I've had any of my tattoos is 4 years, but I have had a cover up done. I have a friend that's getting laser treatments to try and lighten one of her tattoos enough to have it covered but it takes a REALLY long time and is pretty painful. She has a black kanji that's just a few inches tall and it's going to take her around a year and a half to get it faded out. Cover ups are a little more painful that first tattoos but I much prefer them to having my skin burnt from the inside out!


Re: Tattoo Regrets?!

I highly recommend cover-up over laser. Laser will take forever to fully remove the tattoo, is incredibly painful from all accounts, and is so much more time and effort. If you can think of something that wouldn't make you sad to have it there, it's well worth the cover-up instead. (This from someone that's most of the way through an entire right side cover-up, and completely in love with the new art.) ^_^

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