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Post in Beauty Confidential

Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

This is their Facebook status: 


To all of our tartelettes: As you may have heard, tarte has recently been acquired by Japanese company KOSÉ. It’s truly been an amazing ride, from the little venture Maureen Kelly started in her bedroom 15 years ago to the global powerhouse we’re privileged to join. Our vision has always been to create beauty products that are ‘healthy treats for your skin,’ foster the highest level of customer service and give back to the community and the environment. By joining the KOSÉ family and adding to that rich portfolio, we can build on what we’ve already accomplished with powerful products and explore expanding the tarte brand in new and exciting countries. And rest assured, we are committed to remaining a cruelty-free brand and will not test on animals. Maureen will stay on as the CEO and looks forward to continuing a lasting relationship with our tartelettes.

xo, the tarte team!


While they claim they will remain cruelty free the new parent company KOSÉ DOES test on animals. 

So extremely disappointing that Maureen decided to become a big sellout like so many other brands that start out with good intentions but cave into the money. No ethics after all I guess. 


I can't post outside links but go ahead and google "KOSÉ animal testing" and see for yourself. Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 



Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

That pic of the rabbits being in the wooden confinement structure (stocks?) is horrible.  How can Maureen sleep at night with that choice?

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

good heavens.I guess everyone has their price. So much for having her own wonderful company! It is getting harder and harder to find companies that don't animal test or  use fragrances/potential toxins/other yukky crap...and good luck finding both!  I didn't realize EL is such a world-dominating conglomerate! yikes!  Remember the positive--last week the UK passed laws against animal testing!! Maybe in another two hundred years America will catch up.  ...I am off to crush some roots and berries for makeup now.... heavy sigh

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

Wow.  I finally found a  beauty company that I really liked after giving up my other products that do test on animals.  So tired of searching and everything always changing.

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

Though it can be frustrating to discover such news and changes, it's inevitable that things will change (whether it's for the better or worse) within a company. There are many great resources, including the lovely folks here on BT who take the time to share what they learn to ensure we're all kept as up to date and informed as well as possible. 

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

I don't think you should worry about it too much. I tend to see the glass half-full, and I am absolutely certain there must be an agreement between Maureen and Kosé. After all, she will still be running the company. You cannot change a company's motto like that, I am sure Tarte's products will continue to be cruelty-free.

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

I don't think they would lie, they could be faced with a lawsuit. I'm sure in this buying and as they stated Tarte WILL remain cruelty free. Meaning their products will NOT be tested on animals so I don't see the problem with not wanting to purchase from them. I understand the Kose company may test their products on animals but if Tarte is saying their brand will not partake in this practice then I believe them. At the end of the day the world is about money and success, but they are still staying true to their promise and I respect that. Ultimately this is going to mean more products, faster, better quality, cheaper, etc because they are expanding. Business is business, everyone is entitled to make their own personal choice and that's the good thing. I myself just purchased the Rainforest After Dark Palette and will continue to purchase from Tarte and their amazing company.

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

Just because the parent company tests on animals doesn't mean that Tarte will start testing on animals. With some corporations, the sub-brands have a lot of autonomy. As long as Maureen is still in charge, I will continue to trust Tarte. In fact, if Tarte becomes a big profit-maker for Kosé, Maureen may be able to use her influence to stop animal testing for some of Kosé's other brands.

The Body Shop was bought by L'Oréal about 10 years ago. At the time, there were a lot of fears that they would abandon their commitment to not testing on animals. But that hasn't happened, and in fact Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, has said that she's used her influence within L'Oréal to reduce the animal testing they do on their other products.

Re: Tarte sold out to a company that tests on animals...

Anita Roddick died some years ago.  I doubt her wishes have any influence on L'Oreal.


It's really disturbing to constantly run up against the fact that everything is owned by the multinational corporations.  However good you may think a given company is, follow the money, and you'll usually end up at one of the corps, who will do whatever it takes to make the billions.  And, don't forget, L'Oreal was a company headed by an anti-Semite that collaborated with the N@zees during the occupation of France.  So the idea of finding some morals there is ridiculous.


I think the best one can do is try to limit the money you give to, ultimately, the parent company.  I love my L'Oreal Voluminous mascara and Feria hair color, and I use certain products from Aveda, and have since the 1980's.  While I'll be on the lookout for new products to replace those from problematic companies, how many free, independent makeup brands are there?  The names posted here are only a partial list of companies owned by these Evil Empires, and so many of them are unfortunately carried at Sephora and in every chain drugstore in your vicinity.  


OK, now I'm depressed.  I think I'm going to go shave my head and buy nothing but fair trade coconut oil for my lips and skIn for the rest of my life!  That's the only way I can think of to stay non-harming in today's world!

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