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Re: Tarte Holiday sets

I like how Tarte included the C-brighter eye treatment this year in that massive set! Smiley Happy

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

So after checking my blushes again it turns out I only have the bronzer! But for some reason my NEED to have this went away Smiley Sad

So sad, when its selling out maybe I'll NEED it again?

*sigh* tis a sad day when I am not seduced by blush. 

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

Wendy!  What's going on?  Are you sick?  *feels wendy's forehead*


Actually I'm sorta not feeling it either.....if it was little blush minis I'd be all over it though!  ;P

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

And I haven't gotten Orange Pop yet!! OMG

I'm going to the Doctor's right now!!!

Delilah come and get me! I'm not in conditions to drive right now lol. 


Seriously though, I took a picture of all my blushes... and now I feel bad about having so many... don't worry guys I'm sure one I swatch instore I'll need to have them again right....

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

"not in condition to drive right now" ? You don't even have a license Smiley Happy


I'm on my way. Hang on......

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

Hahaha! That doesn't mean I can't drive under normal circumstances! Smiley Tongue

I just need someone over 21 and with a license in the car Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

@wendyomgwar: ENABLE ME PLEASE!!! I want to see your pretty pretty pictures of blushes!! NEVER feel bad about having too many blushes. Blushes are amazing. They are my life. I need them and I am pretty sure they need me to buy them too. Otherwise, they are just sitting with a bunch of other blushes in the store, all alone, with no one to play with them!!!


Ask Poshified- the number of blushes on my Loves List is entirely out of control!

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

=O Oh my... I never thought about it that way Smiley Sad

Those poor poor blushes! To never be stroked by the soft hairs of my blush brush. Tear!


Re: Tarte Holiday sets

Whoa whoa whoa, what is this I'm seeing?! Does this mean I have to step up my enabling game? Smiley Tongue

Re: Tarte Holiday sets

Maybe I just need to see some swatches Smiley Very Happy

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