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Tarte C-Brightener


I have a super embarrassing story. So, I went into Ulta on Sunday, and was super excited to try TARTE's Maracuja C-Brightener eye treatment. So I see it on the shelf..picked it up..put some on my finger...apply to my eye..thinking wow, this is really rough. Why is this burning? More importantly, why is the texture like an exfoliator?? My eyes started burning, I said, this can't be right.. I turn it up side down, it read LIP EXFOLIATOR!!! tartele.jpgomg, it was sitting on the shelf of the eye brightener!! False advertisement! So, i gently rubbed it off and found the eye this time, my eyes were red and burning.

Anyway, I ended up buying the eye brightener and I love it! It really is so  very nice. Feels good, looks good. I just wanted to share my funny story. I hope you got a good laugh Smiley Happy

Have good day

It's a snow day here on the east coat. Smiley Wink

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

Ouch! That doesn't sound fun at all! Anyway, I see you're liking the eye brightener.  Have you noticed actual brightening affects? And do you use it just at night or are you using it in the morning? Does it sit well under makeup? It's about time I invested in another eye treatment.


And there's snow here...lots of it!  But unfortunately there's only a two-hour delay Smiley Sad 

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

Ouchies!!!! I'm glad you did end up getting the right item, hopefully that's helping to soothe the accidental incident!


I hate when stuff gets misplaced and in haste or excitement you think you're grabbing the right item and end up surprised. Luckily it was just the tester and you didn't grab the actual product to buy, it would have been a bummer if you thought you bought the eye cream and got home to find you had the lip exfoliator!

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

OUCH! I'm sorry that happened! I always find myself putting things back when I'm in a store and something is in the wrong location whether its item, color, etc. Good thing you were able to clean it off though! 


I get annoyed when the wrong item is in a location though-I went to pick up a Clinique spot treatment gel and it was in the SAME spot as the treatment concealer. Not what I wanted but the box was exactly the same and I grabbed the wrong item! Smiley Sad Luckily I was still in the mall an hour later and was able to swap it out. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

Oops. I have put facial cleanser on my toothbrush before (they are both in squeeze tubes and come out white ish o.O) in a moment of sleepiness. Lol, at least you found it. Hope you enjoyed the item.


Ack, we got 3-4ft of snow from Nemo, so I'm hoping we are done with it. It's a little rainy/windy.

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

Oooooh, ouch >.<  Glad you got the eye stuff at least, I'm still loving my little jar of it, definitely have been noticing improvement! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

Ouch! Glad everything turned out ok for ya. But at least you can laugh at yourself and that's the best thing of all! Smiley Tongue

Re: Tarte C-Brightener

I hate how the products are always in the wrong spot!!! My OCD has me rearranging everything when I'm shopping Sephora!

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