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Well, earlier today I went to the shop my future mother-in-law works at, and I allowed her to do my thing.  First, I had more dead/dry ends than I originally thought, so those had to go first.  I guess the usual person I go to did not cut them all for some reason.  Then, she started layering.  She told me everything she was doing.  She asked me a few times if I was panicking or anything, and I wasn't lol.  


Here's the results right after Lanndan and I left.  It does curl up a bit more as it dries, but it I am quite happy with it.  It kind of reminds me of the actress I posted pictures of, but not exactly.  My future mother-in-law really liked it due to my hair line, though I don't know what the differences are in hair lines lol.  She also parted some over to the side to see what it would look like.  I'll have to post a completely dry picture later.  When I drove home, I had the windows down lol.  My hair doesn't blow here, there, and everywhere now lol.


Re: Tada!

Wow it looks so great!  Glad it worked out for you!!

Re: Tada!

This looks super cute! Yay on your new look! :]

Re: Tada!

Very pretty, it looks polished and mature! (without meaning it in old lady terms Smiley Wink  I love it, and the side part looks great! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Tada!

Thanks!  I feel like I'm actually 21 now lol.

Re: Tada!

looks really good!

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