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TRIA hair removal

Has anyone tried the TRIA hair removal device? I think I'm going to buy one, but want to hear peoples thoughts first. Someone put a post on the feed for the reviews that their review was deleted so I don't want to buy something if all they do is remove negative comments. They said it wasn't a mean comment, but just their personal opinion. I just want to know if it's worth the $500!


Thanks everyone!


You can also recommend other systems if you have tried those as well Smiley Happy

Re: TRIA hair removal

I've never tried it myself, but I did look into getting it as  I get professional laser hair removal, and wanted to see if this would be a more cost effective option.  It was awhile ago when I looked into it, but I heard that the tria comes with a feature that only allows it to be used a certain number of times.  I can;t remember exatly, but it was something like only 500 pulses so you could really only get a few treatments out of it (depending on what body parts you wanted to treat). I would look into this more if you are serious abot getting it.

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