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What is a trend you would like to see start or come back?


The natural look. Not with no makeup, but something so much more simple than what I see in magazines and online. I’m 40, and all the contouring, highlighting, and everything - it’s too much for me. If I do more than a bit of foundation, concealer, a light lip, and *maybe* mascara, I look overdone, and I look older. Less is so much more these days.


@radleyas  agree.  I've never been a fan of the heavy makeup look that seems to be so popular these days, especially with the young people.  that wasn't popular or common when I was coming up (and I'm only 33!), so I guess it's hard for my brain to register it. lol.  I've always thought the natural look is best, on me at least - maybe some tinted lip balm/gloss.  If I try putting on more, especially bronzer, I feel like I look ridiculous. lol


Exactly. I mean, I did wear more when I was teen, and then into my early 20’s. I had one of those Caboodle cases FULL of, if I’m honest, mostly cheap drugstore brands. When I look at old pictures now, I think “gosh, that was cute”. But in trying to reproduce those old looks, it’s just total goofy clown face. And of course I mean no disrespect to the gals that pull that look off. There are so many talented men and women out there doing amazing things with makeup. But for me, it just ages me. On that plus side, it has lowered my makeup budget. On the negative side, I spend TONS on skincare. But I like that world. It’s almost like alchemy when you find the right combo of products that make you not even need makeup. 

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