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Suggestion for fragrance sets

The Fragrance Finder is a great way to get headed in the right direction when searching for a new fragrance. I do not have a signature perfume because I like to get new scents each time I run out of my current favorite, so I use the Fragrance Finder every so often too see if my preferences have changed slightly or just to see what new fragrances fall under a specific category.

I think it would be nice for people like me to be able to purchase fragrance sets that are arranged according to the scent categories! It would be convenient to go through a bunch of sample-sized bottles because one could interchange them more often. Just like the current value sets, it would be a great way to get customers to try fragrances they may never have sampled or even heard of before; customers may even find a perfume they truly love and end up purchasing it time and time again. It would also be exciting to have these sets feature a couple new fragrances every so often, so that people like me who would adore these sets would benefit from purchasing more in the future.

For customers, this would be an ideal and affordable way to experiment with different perfumes or colognes. I think it would really peak the indecisive fragrance lover's interest and could take the convenience and effectiveness of the Fragrance Finder to the next level!

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