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Post in Beauty Confidential

Suffering for beauty...

OK, fess up: What are the things that you do for beauty that you just really hate doing?


Whether they're just plain annoying or actually painful- what are the things you wish you didn't have to do?


I'll start- I'm currently suffering in the "just did my hair" routine.  I'm someone who needs a shower every day to feel human- but when I do my hair, I just wash up for a day or two to try to buy a bit more time out of every time I go red. By day 2-3, I'll wet the hair so that I can blow it out.  But this morning, my hair still feels clean but is driving me nuts!


I also hate the daily shaving routine in the summer.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

getting my hair done, it's expensive and it's often a long process.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Hands down WAXING!!!

UGH why does it have to be so painfull???

After trying the DIY version, nixed that idea real quick much better to have someone inflict that kinda quick pain. Wish it wasn't so expensive to have someone rip hair off your body.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Oh, man. I've gotten two Brazilians in my lifetime. They will be the only two that I ever get. So I would have to say, shaving my bikini line. I get insane hair bumps no matter what I do, and since they leave dark marks behind...ugh. I really prefer not shaving and groan when I feel like I "have" to. And sometimes I don't. I'm just like, "Deal with it." 


The best is not shaving my armpits for a while and then finally doing it!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Bikini area. OMG no matter what I've tried I always end up with ingrown hairs and irritation. Never, ever will I was again...PAIN! Tried laser and that didn't work. Stuck with shaving but don't particularly enjoy it! I basically avoid the pool and beach when I can. Being hairy stinks!


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Getting my hair colored. It takes so long and I have no patience so the wait feels like forever.


Blow Drying my hair. I wish there was a place that I liked close enough to me that I could just get a weekly blow out because drying my long, thick hair is quite the task, added to the fact that I am not particularly talented at styling my hair, which makes it even worse.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I HATE doing my hair.  I will spend hours on my makeup if I have the time but hair....uuguugghhh.  I just hate it so much.  If I ever won the lottery I would hire my own hair stylist!  I also hate shaving.  It's just no fun and has to be done so often. 

Re: Suffering for beauty...

After reading down the page I feel pretty fortunate that I don't have anything painful... but I do find plucking my eyebrows very annoying. I have somehow managed to have my 'unwanted' brow hairs grow in sporadic patches so I only have to pluck maybe 10-15 on one day, and then the next 10-15 will be sticking out a little the next morning so I remove them... so basically it ends up being an almost every single day routine, but at least this way it's only about 5 minutes of my morning Smiley Happy  OH yeah, and my new annoyance is getting glitter nail polish off!!! Why is glitter nail polish SO MUCH harder to remove than normal polish? Why did I have to fall in love with sparkling nail tips... I just can't resist <(^.^)>

Re: Suffering for beauty...

There's not any one thing in particular that I hate doing.  It is the time consumed to completely get primped and out the door that I despise!  I have to wash/dry my hair every day since it is oily, then the shaving, plucking, skin regime, makeup....oh, and don't forget to put on clothes!  I can get out the door in an hour and some days less if I'm not going anywhere.  I don't like to think of at as time wasted, I love the end results.  But some days I just wished I could roll out of bed and in 15 minutes look gorgeous and ready to go!  Men have it so easy.

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