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Post in Beauty Confidential

Suffering for beauty...

OK, fess up: What are the things that you do for beauty that you just really hate doing?


Whether they're just plain annoying or actually painful- what are the things you wish you didn't have to do?


I'll start- I'm currently suffering in the "just did my hair" routine.  I'm someone who needs a shower every day to feel human- but when I do my hair, I just wash up for a day or two to try to buy a bit more time out of every time I go red. By day 2-3, I'll wet the hair so that I can blow it out.  But this morning, my hair still feels clean but is driving me nuts!


I also hate the daily shaving routine in the summer.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Nails, Nail polish,


idk if i'm the only one, but even with fast dry top coats i hate painting my nails! i always seem to mess them up and touch something or bump it into something its so annoying.


also waxing my eyebrows, there too thick and they grow too fast for me to pluck them everyday or so so i have to wax them once a week.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I agree with nail polish. I find it annoying, it takes time and it's so easy to ruin. Usually I only end up doing my nails in the summer, because I'm already doing my toes (I can't stand not having toenails painted if I'm wearing open-toe shoes)

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I can't believe I forgot this!


lip scrubs are the WORST. Ultimately I need them but they hurt.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I posted that on my ipad, so I couldn't get into detail.  My lips get so sensitive when I use a scrub- but I need them to get rid of the flakes. They literally hurt!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

apply a lot of vaseline on ur lips before bed and hopefully some is still on ur lips the next morning take a semi-hot wash cloth and wipe back and forth to works for me..

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Eyeliner, I always take 15 minutes doing it just to make sure the line is straight and even on both eyelids.  Ugh!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Eyebrows -- I used to pluck them like I should and keep them groomed.  Now I wax them monthly-or-so and use a trimmer if they really get hideous in between.  

Shaving my legs --I don't really mind doing it, but my husband says I can't do it in the jacuzzi and the only other options are the shower (awkward positions) or the bathroom sink (my kids come in EVERY TIME), so I shave before church every Sunday and before we swim, but all other days just depend if it seems convent or not In the shower.

Showers -- I love showers, just don't love brushing my hair, washing my hair, conditioning my hair, rinsing my hair, towel drying my hair, combing my hair, spraying my hair, drying my hair, styling my hair..... So shower everyday, but I would have to be extremely uncomfortably dirty to take a second shower.

Bikini wax -- let's just be honest, it hurts like heck.  Why do we come up with such torture and call it beauty!!!!!


Re: Suffering for beauty...

This isn't technically a necessity or beautiful BUT I think it's annoying how women (especially during the summer) have to suffer the pain and annoyance of bikini/brazilian waxes. Of course it is a choice but not if you want to be left alone or not stared at!!

A friend of mine lamented the other day that growing up she never thougth there was anything wrong with how that part of her looked as it was intended to UNTIL it was pointed out to her that something was "wrong".


In line with the thread I hate eyebrow waxing/threading and pedicures. I'm sorry I just do NOT find pedicures relaxing. My nails grow very deeply into the sides of my toes and pedicurists often go a little too crazy trying to get into all the nooks and crannies and I find it unpleasant. Also my third and fourth toes are very sensitive for some reason. Smiley Sad

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Seriously! I hate that about shaving your bikini line. There's nothing wrong with having hair, but it never fails. Someone always has to open their mouth about it. The way I see it, if your face isn't going to be down there, it really shouldn't be your concern!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

omg.... LOL Smiley Happy

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