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Post in Beauty Confidential

Suffering for beauty...

OK, fess up: What are the things that you do for beauty that you just really hate doing?


Whether they're just plain annoying or actually painful- what are the things you wish you didn't have to do?


I'll start- I'm currently suffering in the "just did my hair" routine.  I'm someone who needs a shower every day to feel human- but when I do my hair, I just wash up for a day or two to try to buy a bit more time out of every time I go red. By day 2-3, I'll wet the hair so that I can blow it out.  But this morning, my hair still feels clean but is driving me nuts!


I also hate the daily shaving routine in the summer.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Putting lotion on my body when I get out of the shower. Oooh I'm just so cooold I just wanna get dressed. Smiley Happy

Re: Suffering for beauty...

waxing tops my list for sure---i'm seriously contemplating total laser hair removal!

another one is beauty peels-- the raw feeling after the peel then the peeling and the dryness...all in the name of beauty :-P



Re: Suffering for beauty...

Me too!!!  Give me laser!!!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Ditto viviene23 Doll!!!

Waxing, plucking are the top most pain for beauty... Second on my list is wearing heels everyday in the office but fashion and beauty come first. . then pain Smiley Wink


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Heels don't even hurt me anymore!  I bet I've long passed the damage point, LOL.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

All of your responses crack me up Smiley Happy  The very top of my list of "pain is beauty" moments is being cold or wearing extremely high heels, to make sure my outfit is perfect.  Waxing doesnt bother me as much anymore since its so quick, but enduring hours & hours for my feet in pain.... soooo bad!


xo, Mia


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Straightening my hair!! Takes way too long, makes me really hot (and sweaty sometimes, if we're being honest), and I usually tend to burn a finger or two!


I also hate shaving.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Waxing and shaving are such a pain. Having dark hair means having to be extra meticulous about that kind of stuff, and I feel like everything grows back So. Flippin. Fast. 




I also had to use sunless tanner a lot for dance competitions, and it's such a process to apply, not to mention the fact that you usually end up being pretty smelly!

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Oh man, my skin is so translucently white even the not especially dark hairs on my legs stand out if I miss something or skip a day. Horrible. 

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I'm lucky- I'm translucent, but with light body hair. Still drives me nuts though.

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