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Post in Beauty Confidential

Suffering for beauty...

OK, fess up: What are the things that you do for beauty that you just really hate doing?


Whether they're just plain annoying or actually painful- what are the things you wish you didn't have to do?


I'll start- I'm currently suffering in the "just did my hair" routine.  I'm someone who needs a shower every day to feel human- but when I do my hair, I just wash up for a day or two to try to buy a bit more time out of every time I go red. By day 2-3, I'll wet the hair so that I can blow it out.  But this morning, my hair still feels clean but is driving me nuts!


I also hate the daily shaving routine in the summer.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Waxing. Shaving is ok, but Im pretty hairy and have....hobbit-esque feet, so I wax certain areas. I dont like things that hurts. =[


I also know certain food will give me breakouts for sure, but I love them so its hard.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Hair removal tops my list of unpleasant activities. I have an EpiLady which pulls the hair out, like wax, only tidier, but it still hurts.


I'm also not fond of triceps dips (exercise for the flabby area in back of my arms), but I hate wobbly skin back there worse.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Doing my roots blonde every 3-4 weeks when I was platinum. It was so much work and would give me a headache.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Ughhh, shaving all the time in the summer! I want to wear cute skirts but really!! I will admit the one good thing about Canadian winters is the excuse to neeeeever shave my legs in the winter (an extra layer of insulation???) good thing my husband still loves me, hahahah.....

Re: Suffering for beauty...

lol Smiley Happy

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I hate the part where I have to explain to my fiance where all of my new beauty products come from. He's not really buying "What? This old thing?" anymore.

Re: Suffering for beauty...

Ahahaha, I know that feeling! Right now I have to get my husband to bring me all my mail so he knows just how many orders I've made. Smiley Frustrated Not cool. 

Re: Suffering for beauty...

I find blow drying my hair to be incredibly annoying. It's not like it takes very long, since my hair isn't terribly long or thick but I kind of hate doing it but my hair never wants to air dry nicely.


I also hate clean my makeup brushes. There is just so many and it's a boring task. Although it is a pretty necessary task

Re: Suffering for beauty...

- Hair removal; waxing, tweezing, epilating... Smiley Sad I do it all myself too! The only are on my body I shave is my legs & I use one of the razors that has the soap around it. It takes 2 seconds for me to shave my legs in the shower so I don't mind that. Everything else is a process & I hate it. 

- Combing my hair. It's long & thick & straight, but tangles easily. I always threaten my boyfriend that i'm going to cut it, but I won't... it looks best long, I tried pixie, short bob, long bob, short layers, long layers... none of it looks good. I spend a long time gently combing it (no brush on wet hair!) with oil or cream. 

- Applying self tanner/prepping for application. I hate doing it, so I gave up. Even on the gradual mousse. I'm now embracing my paleness. 

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