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Post in Beauty Confidential


Hi Everyone,


I have a tragic story to tell! Mainly I just need to vent to people who will understand Smiley Happy


Yesterday I finally decided to buy the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer after reading so many awesome reviews about it on BT. So I bought that and a MUFE powder and went on my merry way to Bloomingdale's. When I was about to leave the mall I realized that I didn't have my Sephora bag! I rushed back to Bloomingdale's and breathed a huge sigh of relief when the woman handed me my bag. Yay! Miracle! Until I got to my car and looked in my bag and saw that my Nars Concealer was missing Smiley Sad


Back to Bloomingdale's I went, hoping that the bag had tipped over and it had fallen out somewhere nearby. When I got back to the counter I told the woman that I was missing some items from my bag and asked if it had tipped over or anything. She said that they had accidentally given my bag to another woman who was there at the same time as I was and that she came back shortly after saying "Sorry I don't know what I was thinking, this actually isn't my bag". SIGH.


I am trying to just be glad that I got my powder back but I was so excited about the Nars Concealer (the powder was just an impulse buy)! And this type of thing makes me lose a little faith in humanity.

I'm debating re-buying the concealer but right now the hurt is too fresh! Any thoughts on this? Should I just bite the bullet and buy it again?


Also, has anything like this happened to anyone else?? You BT folks always cheer me up!

Re: Stolen!

I am sorry to read this for your emotional state and for your wallet.


Speaking as an economist, if you have the funds, you should buy it again. Thinking at the margin, the MB should still be greater than the MC for buying a new one. So yes, buy it. --- then immediately put it in your purse.

Re: Stolen!

That really sucks, sorry that you're going through this. I know you say you can lose faith in humanity but at least the woman brought it back, she could have just left with the bag. Maybe she thought about it of course that didn't stop her from reaching in and stealing the NARS. Sucks.

Re: Stolen!

Well that's just poopy!! I hope your credit card is able to help you out at least...and that lady has some big bad karma coming her way!!

Re: Stolen!

Thanks Zpsid91! That's what I've been telling myself all day - karma's gonna get her!

Re: Stolen!

If they did not replace the full order on your receipt, I would take the receipt to Customer Service, not the make up counter, and ask to speak with a customer service manager.


This is unacceptable behavior and make up mark up is HUGE.


They can bite the bullet and replace the full order.


This is  not exactly a discount cheap store.


I would push hard at the Customer Service Division for the ENTIRE store, not the make up counter --


Good Luch


Re: Stolen!

Wow. I'm sorry this happened to you.

It's great that you got the bag back, but **bleep**, couldn't that other woman keep her hands out of your stuff?

Too bad you didn't get the details on that other woman, we could form a search party.

That is really unfortunate because it looks like you won't get that back.

Maybe you can check out you credit card company and see if they have any theft protection clauses...or whatever.

If they don't, maybe you can contact the customer service and message them with your heartache.

It would be great if they could just cancel the charge.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

First, you're so happy that you bought this, but with some regrets because it was an impulse buy, then some jerk brings you down by going out of her way to dig through your bag and steal your Nars concealer.


Best wishes.

Re: Stolen!

I hope your credit card company covers the loss, I would contact them ASAP to find out what documentation they would require.

Re: Stolen!

I would call back. Because they acknowledged they gave the bag to someone else, you may be able to get the concealer without having to rebuy, since you would have a better case showing it was at least partly their fault.

Re: Stolen!

I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I worked in retail and I have seen many people scam stores like crazy. (not saying this person is a scammer but noting on the losing a little faith on humanity part). I agree with Carrieloulou, you should check out your card's protection policy. 

Re: Stolen!

I bet! I went back to the Sephora just to see if the person had tried to return the concealer to get store credit or something and I felt like such a crazy person just telling my story to the SA and her manager! I was thinking to myself - this sounds like such a scam!! They were very sweet and offered to make me samples but I was mostly just hoping my concealer would be sitting right there behind the register newly returned!

Re: Stolen!

That's what I was going to suggest, for you to get some samples, at least. Samples always make me feel better on a **bleep** day or when I can't find something I want in Sephora Smiley Happy

Re: Stolen!

Even though you left the bag behind they should be held responsible for the items in it they sold you because if they hadn't given it to another woman all of the contents probably would of still been in there. It's their mess up and they should of gave you a replacement! After reading this post I got a little pissed off for you being in the situation you were in and they were fine with letting you leave like that. The consultant or whoever you were talking to should of got the manager and got the ok to give you a replacement to make things right. Arghh!

Re: Stolen!

I'm a bit surprised they didn't ask you if you wanted to speak to a manager. I have a temper that I know would be set off by this. I'd be demanding to watch the security cameras.

Re: Stolen!

Are they allowed to give replacements for items purchased from another store? (ie. nars concealer from sephora not from bloomingsdale). That is like if  I lost my bag from Macy's in Nordstrom and they gave it to someone else (maybe that person claimed to have lost a bag too), that Nordstrom should replace my things from Macy's.


Yes, the situation sucks and the right thing for the person that took the bag was to return all the stuff (if she or he did indeed take it), but I can kind of see why Bloomingdales didn't replace the concealer that was purchased from Sephora.



Re: Stolen!

I actually read it wrong, I blame mornings. lol I thought she got it back from the same store. Apparently I accidently skimmed over the article. :/ In that case I guess it's an sol situation. Hopefully that person who took it has karma coming their way. 

Re: Stolen!

Oh, that's too bad!  

I can't imagine Bloomingdale's would give a replacement for lost merchandise from another store.  Did you buy it with a card that offers purchase protection?  


I had a box of nail polish stolen from our porch last month.  I was going to go through American Express but Zoya took care of it for me!  

Re: Stolen!

Thanks for the suggestion Carrieloulou, I will check out my card's policy!

Re: Stolen!

Oh! I was totally confused - the nars purchase was from a different store!! Oh dear, my bad :-(

Re: Stolen!

Hehe yes, I shopped at too many stores yesterday Smiley Happy

Re: Stolen!

last august we went to Trieste for a wedding and we're taking trains around from holland Germany and Austria. anyhoo, when we went yo get off the train my backpack was missing. Someone took it right under my nose. Lost all my jewellery makeup and a bunch of clothes.  We replaced everything since then but I'm still bitter. 

Re: Stolen!

Sorry that happened to you.

I would still be bitter too.

I guess you have to just take it as a lesson learned, but **bleep**, that really, really sucks.

I don't want to keep talking about it because I could imagine that this is something best left out of sight, out of mind.

Sorry though.

Congratulations on your wedding, Mrs. Heartsmyface.

Best wishes to you and your husband. 

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