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So how many brushes do you own?

I have a box full of brushes and I'm always expanding the collection.  I wanted to see if anyone else is as brush crazy as I am.  So here is a list of brushes that I absolutely own and love and at the bottom I'll put the grand total of all the brushes combined.


Sephora Classic, Pro, and I.T. line:  Flat Foundation #47, Blush #49, Stippling brush, Angled Cream Blush, Mineral Powder Foundation #45, Bronzer #44


Tarte:  Limited Edition Bamboo Blush, Bamboo Airbrush Foundation


Bare Escentuals Face:  Seambles Blending, Double-Ended Soft Focus Face, Hydrate and Brighten, Full Flawless Face, Fan, Conturing Blush, Soft Sweep Cheek, 2 Mini Concealer


Bare Escentuals Eye:  Precision Eye Defining, Flat Edge Liner, Contour and Line, Crease Defining, Tapered Crease Defining, Wet/Dry Shadow, Tappered Eyeshadow, Magnetic Multi-liner


Buxom:  2 Smoky Eye


Ecotools:  Crease, Blend, Shade


That is a total of 30 brushes.  (17 face, 13 eye)

Anyone else care to share theirs?

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I probably don't have that many but I have 2 from the urban decay naked palettes, an eyebrow/ eyelash brush from sephora with the metal handles, the sephora smokey eye brush, the sephora orange eyeshadow brush, a bare essentials blush brush and the foundation brush, a Eco tools buki brush, a eyebrow brush I have no idea what brand, a sephora fan brush and a fan brush from urban decay...I think thats it. So total of: 11. Is that pathetic? What am I missing?

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Oh, I forgot the concealer brush and mini concealer by Bare Ecentials as well. So 13.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Now I don't feel so bad about all my brushes. However, I can't remember the numbers for the life of me. Most of them came in a set that I bought one year.


Sephora Brand: Mineral Powder #45, pro foundation #47, pro concealer #45, pro natural fan #43, pro rounded powder #41, IT Flat Powder brush, blush brush (came in a set, not numbered), pro all over shadow brush #12, pro crease #10, pro dome #13, angled liner (not numbered), awkward eye/lash comb thing, pro lip brush, and two double ended brushes. That's not all, but I can't remember the rest.


Bare Escentuals: Flawless application face (x3), tapered blush, eye defining, wet/dry shadow, foil/blending shadow, baby buki, light stroke, and some other discontinued ones.


Tarte: airbrush finish bamboo brush (x2)


LM: fan powder brush


So I would put myself at 30+ brushes.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

There are so many good ones out there that I decided the first criteria for my brushes must be how pretty they are (I know, I'm a genius) and the pretty ones are usually limited edition sets, so I have 3 sets and a few stragglers:

- $12 my first set. no name but natural hair bristle set. 1 stipling, 1 powder, 1 eyeshadow, 1...I don't remember.

- $32 Sephora brush with clear handles in a silver bag (very elegant). 1 powder, 3 eyes, 1 concealer,

- $26 Tokidoki 24K gold edition (very punk/teenage cool). 1 powder, 2 eyes, 1 lip.



- 2 elf brush (eye & foundation)

- 1 Victoria Secret Blush brush

- 1 Sephora lip brush.

- 1 Sephora fan brush

- 1 Sephora eyelash/brow groomer thing.


So that's ~20. I also keep cleaned past mascara brushes so I can use whatever shaped brush I want.


They are collected over the years due to my weakness for Sephora promos. I also have tons of bronzers/lip colors/face make up sample packets not my shade that I can pretty much give anyone a make over as long as they are no darker than African American you see on TV.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I own quite a few (probably 25-30) but there's only a portion of those that I use regularly.


Regularly used brushes :  Shu Uemura: #14 and #20 pony brushes (blush and powder)

                                                Bobbi Brown : Fine eyeliner brush

                                                Edward Bess : Luxury eye brush (love)

                                                By Terry : Sculpting eye brush

                                                Smashbox: #26 eyeshadow brush

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Quite a few.  About somewhere in the 30s.  It would probably be quadrupled if I did makeup artistry for a living.  Favorites among those are the Sephora crease, Shu Uemura goat 18, shu uemura portable eye liner brush (have to get these via promotions now of days). 


The newest to the collection is a mac.  Since the illamasqua one I was looking at will not be available until July, it was out of convience (before I realized Illamasqua now ships internationally).  Truthfully, it's my first mac product in years. They had another one that I might have purchased if it was not sold out.


I've also been looking at the Tom Ford shade & illuminate brush.  Hard to see in person since Saks left and Neiman Marcus does not have a Tom Ford counter. 


@msmisty:  How is the shu uemura 14?  I've been looking at it on the Japanese site but there is no way to purchase it stateside at the moment (at least reliable sources/vendors/retailers/etc). 

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I only own 8! I don't wear foundation, powder, or any concealer that needs a brush yet though so that definitely contributes. Here are my 8:


MAC 239

MAC 217

MAC 224

MAC 219

MAC 263

MAC 168

Sephora Collection Lash & Eyebrow Brush #21 

Kimara Ahnert Blush Brush


All but 2 are eye brushes, but I really don't have any problem as there aren't really any other face brushes I need. I use the 168 for bronzer and the Kimara one for powder blush. Actually, I should get a brush for cream blush. Any reccomendations?

Great thread! I definitely have some catching up to do! 

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

@ marianaanee147: 


Right now I'm loving the I.T Cream Blush Brush and the Pro Blush Brush #49 from the Sephora Collection.  But I only have 2 cream blushes and for some reason synthetic blush brushes are few and far between (at least when I look for them lol).  Anywayz both are angled and work great for conturing and sweeping on the cheeks.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

LOL  I now don't feel so bad about having so many brushes.  I was also thinking of getting the Pro Airbrush Concealer from Sephora and a lip brush because I'm terrible at applying lipcolors with lipsticks.  I also  wanted to get a domed blush brush specifically for the apples.  Has anyone tried the Buxom Blush brush?

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Brushes are great! I love brushes just as much as cosmetics. I could benefit from a lip brush myself and your post reminded me that I should order the bobbi brown lip brush. I have not tried any Buxom brushes but maybe I should look into them.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

The pro Airbrush concealer is life changing. You'll never want to use a paddle-style brush again. Same with the airbrush foundation. True story. I've never tried the Buxom brush. My blush brush is a domed one, but it's Sephora brand. The Buxom one is soft, but I feel that it's too big.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Wow you all have a ton of brushes!


I don't think there's anyway I can count mine.. they range from nearly every brand:


Sephora Collection

Sephora Pro




Make Up For Ever\

Bobbi Brown




Estee Lauder

Bare Escentuals

Urban Decay

Sonia Kashuk

and of course some amazing no-name one that happens to be my favorite $5 foundation brush EVER and I'll probably never find it again since I have no clue what it is.. LOL.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Hmm I definitely don't own as many brushes as you, but I have a decent stash:


-Sephora Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45

-Mac 109 (for bronzer contour)

-Lancome blush brush

-Mac 217 (crease brush)

-Sephora Classic All Over Small Eyeshadow brush #22

-Sephora Classic Concealer brush #46

-Sephora pro Foundation brush #47

-eyeshadow brush from original Urban Decay Naked Palette

-double sided fluffy and angle liner brush (from Benefit's Glowla set)


I also have a mini set of brushes from a Lancome bonus, but I can't use many of those brushes because they are so small.  Fun thread-talk to you soon!

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I think I have about 50 makeup brushes ranging from MAC, Japanesque, Smashbox, EcoTools, Ben Nye, Crown Brush, Urban Decay, and Sephora.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Great topic sammibaby!


You can never have too many makeup brushes in my opinion! Having spares are ideal for traveling, to keep in your purse/day bag, and to use if you have makeup brushes that need to be cleaned/are drying from being shampooed. It's also great to have extras if you find yourself doing make up for friends and family members. 


I have a pretty diverse group of brushes from: MAC, the Sephora Collection, Laura Mercier, NYX, Tokidoki (the adorable 24 Karat Brush set), Too Faced, and Sonia Kashuk. I'm not really loyal to just one brush brand, there are so many incredible ones out there!

Whimsically yours,

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

easily over 100

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

57.  I get tired just thinking of typing up all the different ones. My favorite skinny liner brush is a watercolor detail brush that I got in an art store for $8 and it does a better job than any expensive liner brush I've tried.

What can I say, I love brushes.

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I have a dozen or so eyeshadow brushes.


A MAC concealer brush

Sonia Kashuk (sp?) foundation


the set that came in the Customizable Bare Minerals kit


a tiny kabuki brush from a BM sample & a slightly bigger but still tiny flawless face BM brush from the sun safety kit

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

Well, I have a set of ten from Target(i know, I know, but it was a gift!), a set of 20 professional brushes from Crown Brush, a mini BareMinerals brush(came with the sun safety kit), a Sephora complexion brush, a Sephora lip brush, a Sephora medium eyeshadow brush, a mini set of 5 from Sephora, and a Jessica Simpson set of 4 that I got with a purchase at Dillards! Wow I have more than I thought!!

Re: So how many brushes do you own?

I own about.. 20?  Haha.  A mixture of different brands though, I prefer my Sephora brushes the most.

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