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Sleeping Facial/Night Cream?

I really like the Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial but only use it about 3 times a week mostly because I don't want to use it up quickly.


Does anyone have any recommendations for other sleeping facials/masks or night creams similar to this product?


I have combination oily skin with an oily forehead but my cheeks are more on the dry side.

Re: Sleeping Facial/Night Cream?

I love the Korres sleeping facials but they are pricey. So I have switched to Origins Drink up Intensive. It's an overnight cream just like the korres but way more hydrating. Its not as expensive and you get way more product. Sephora doesn't carry it but Origins website does. 

Re: Sleeping Facial/Night Cream?

I think Elle on YouTube had this as a favourite for July. Sephora has the 10 Minute Mask but not sure why they don't carry the other product.


If it smells like the Energy Boosting Moistuizer, I will definitely consider getting it since that smells amazing (from the sample Origins sent me to try).


My Macy's sells Origins so I may check there and see if they have it the next time I visit.

Re: Sleeping Facial/Night Cream?

Ouuu I see you picked this up! Glad to see you like it.


I second this mask. Although its very fruity

Re: Sleeping Facial/Night Cream?

I totally love it!! I'm hooked on Origins! 

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