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Sigma brushes help

hi all!

I would to ask if anybody know about the differences of these Sigma brush kits:

1. Mrs Bunny Essential kit   

2. Mr Bunny Essential kit

2. Make me Cool Essential kit

3. and Essential Kit


the essential kit is the cheapest price they have.

Are they just different colors? or they have different type of brush hair?

and what does "Sigmax" mean?


Thank you in advance!

Re: Sigma brushes help

*Update: Yay!!! Just want to update and share you guys which brush kit I end up getting.

I finally got the Sigma brushes! So happy.

Hubby surprised me with the Mrs Bunny set when he came home (as a mother's day gift).

And the Jaclyn Hill Brush set I purchased came today in the mail!

2014-05-05 20.jpg

Re: Sigma brushes help

Aw, how sweet of him! I'm curious what your thoughts are as well. Do I see an eyeshadow too?

Re: Sigma brushes help

He got an overnight trip in MSP and he told me his hotel is literally across Mall of America!

and I was like daydreaming --->"Mall of america? Wait that's where Sigma is!"

so, I told him they sell makeup brushes that I have been wanting to try for a long time. 

And then around after dinner time .....he texted me a pic of Sigma store! OMG

He even told me the store still have some of the limited edition pink Mrs Bunny Smiley Happy

He knows more about sigma brushes now than me! Lololol


Yes, the eyeshadow is "fawn" color, he said it is a GWP

I will wash these brushes really soon so I can use it Smiley Happy

I will post an update how these brushes really work compared to my Real Techniques & Sonia Kashuk ones. 

Re: Sigma brushes help

I'd say you have a winner - not every guy wants to do that! What a sweetheart. Enjoy playing with your new brushes!


Completely random but I experimented with the face brushes a little more and the flat kabuki works better when using a stippling motion (I stupidly was trying to buff it into my skin using circular motions and I wasn't loving the way it looked). Let me know if you find any good techniques for them!

Re: Sigma brushes help

*Update: So far, I am liking my Sigma brushes.

I really love how it picks up my eyeshadow really well and very easy to blend everything.

It is really soft. It is as soft as my cat's tail. LOL

I am loving the eyeshading & blending brushes.

Now I am addicted to these brushes, I want moreeee. hahaha.

I did tried your technique on that flat kabuki, and it really works better on stippling motion than buffing.


Anyways, Thank you everyone for letting me introduce to these Sigma brushes!

I am very glad I found Beauty Talk and all the wonderful people here! Smiley Happy

Have a great day everyone!


Re: Sigma brushes help

yay I'm glad they're still working for you!! I find myself reaching for my Sigma brushes first over most of my other brushes, especially the eyeshadow brushes. I think I'm addicted to them too haha I keep scanning their various eyeshadow brushes and convincing myself I need them all...

Re: Sigma brushes help

hahaha. me too! I keep checking their website!

I have been eyeing that extreme color payoff & perfect blend.

I use the sigma brushes a lot, I dont have to dip and dip again on the eyeshadow anymore.

Update me please if you end up buying more brushes Smiley Wink

Re: Sigma brushes help

Can't wait to hear what you think. I'm very curious about Sigma.

Re: Sigma brushes help

I love sigma brushes! I mainly only use their brushes for applying my foundation and concealer, especially the F80 which is my favorite out of all the brushes I own. If you sign up for their newsletters on their website, they send you updates on new products, sales, etc. but the best part of it all is if you include your birthday, they email you a 20% off code to use as a birthday present! ;D 

Re: Sigma brushes help

I agree with mpolansky. Jaclyn Hill's set is a FANTASTIC set and the price is extremely justifiable. It was my first "big girl brush kit" purchase (before this I was using ecotools that were like $5 for the pack from target...) and I have to say that spending the extra money is so worth it. Sigma's brushes apply your make up beautifully and give you an airbrushed finish and they LAST. I have washed them a fair amount (1-2 times a week depending on how often I do a full face of make up) and not one single hair has fallen out. It's amazing. So yeah, the Jaclyn Hill set is 100% worth it. 

Re: Sigma brushes help

Thank you, mldavidson! I purchased the Jaclyn Hill set last night! Smiley Happy

This is my first 'big girl' brush kit too.

I am so excited! I keep checking my email to get it shipped. Smiley Happy

Re: Sigma brushes help

ahhh yay i'm so excited for you!!! let us know how it turns out! Smiley Happy 

Re: Sigma brushes help

sigma's "make me" sets are all essentially the same brushes, just with different colored handles. the mr/mrs bunny sets have sigmax hd filament which means they are supposed to not absorb any product into the bristles so you get more product on your face instead of the brushes. the sigmax brushes are claimed to provide better high definition results. the essential kit includes the same brushes that are seen in the other sets but it doesn't come with the brush container/holder. 


i purchased the mr bunny set because i was purchasing the kabuki kit and they matched together. i also own the chrome set with 29 brushes and i don't think there's a big difference between the regular brushes and the sigmax brushes.


if i were you i would honestly get the essential kit ($139) or if you had an extra money i would get the premium kit ($189). jaclyn hill's brush set ($90) is a really good deal as well since you get your brush essentials, and that F80 brush is seriously hands down the best.

Re: Sigma brushes help

Thank you so much for all this info!

this is really helpful. 

I might get the one with the container, it is really a nice storage for brushes.

and I have a cat that sniffs and puts his nose on my brushes when Im not home. 

I see a nose print shape on my large powder brush, everytime! Lol Smiley Happy


Re: Sigma brushes help

JACLYN10 works for 10 percent off still on anything. I just used it the other day if you decide to buy something. Smiley Happy 



Re: Sigma brushes help

thank you!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sigma brushes help

I just bought the Jaclyn Hill Expert beauty box which is cheaper than the sets you mentioned, at around $90. I have a ten percent off code if you want it, PM me!


Heres the one I bought. I literally just got it today so I will let you know what I think! They all feel amazingly soft though. (The pink eyeliner brush on the end was free with $30 purchase in April)



Re: Sigma brushes help

Update: I definitely would recommend this kit.


Obsessssssed with the eye brushes. I've needed quality eyeshadow brushes/blending brushes for a long time. These are unbelievably soft and I've gotta say my eyeshadow today has NEVER looked better. The face ones I've only used once, but they were pretty good. I'm still partial to my beauty blender but I'll try it out with different foundations and see if they seem to be better with certain types. 



Re: Sigma brushes help

Thank you for this update! I made the purchase last night! Yay!

But I didn't get any email yet, just the confirmation Smiley Happy


I have been looking for a good blending brush for a very long time, as soon as you mentioned 'blending' I went to the Sigma website and purchased it.

I'm so excited!

Re: Sigma brushes help

yay!!!  Mine took a few days to process so that's normal. wonder if you'll get the free travel eyeliner brush or travel blending brush with your order. Then you'll have two blending brushes Smiley Happy


let me know what you think!

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