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Sigma brushes help

hi all!

I would to ask if anybody know about the differences of these Sigma brush kits:

1. Mrs Bunny Essential kit   

2. Mr Bunny Essential kit

2. Make me Cool Essential kit

3. and Essential Kit


the essential kit is the cheapest price they have.

Are they just different colors? or they have different type of brush hair?

and what does "Sigmax" mean?


Thank you in advance!

Re: Sigma brushes help

The Mr/Mrs Bunny sets just have vegan bristles. The Mr Bunny set has black handles and the Mrs Bunny set has light blue handles. The Make Me Cool and Essential sets include the same brushes, except the Make Me Cool set has blue handles instead of black handles. 

Re: Sigma brushes help

ohh ok... Thank You!

are Vegan brushes better on applying makeup?
and do you think Sigma brushes are worth it?


because I saw these on a website, the Sedona brushes, after looking at Sigma and now I am so confused LOL


*sorry for all the questions Smiley Happy

Re: Sigma brushes help

Vegan brushes are available for anyone who is vegan. I haven't tried them, but I don't think it's better or worse than natural or synthetic bristles. They should perform the same. I honestly think Sigma brushes are OK. They're not the best, but they're not the worst. They're great if you want good quality brushes for a somewhat low price. I honestly think Sigma brushes are over-hyped by YouTubers and bloggers. I would invest in MAC Brushes because they last for a really long time, they're manufactured better, and easier to get than Sigma. 


OH and Sigmax is their fancy term for synthetic bristles. Smiley Happy

Re: Sigma brushes help

lol I was googling what 'Sigmax' mean and cant find it.

made me sing "So, Sassy!" (from grav3yardgirl) when you told me it is just a fancy term lol


Re: Sigma brushes help

I received the Mrs. Bunny set as a birthday gift last year and I love it. I think they are great quality for the price. I love the Sigmax brushes. I have several that I ordered to complement my brush set :-) MAC brushes are nice but they are pricey. And it can take a long time to complete a full set if money is an issue. I do however recommend every girl have a MAC 217. 

Re: Sigma brushes help

So you got the pretty pink & blue handles? Lucky!!! Smiley Happy love that color

But now it shows silver & blue color handles on their website.

I was looking at the Travel kit, then I saw a youtube video that it was kinda small.

well, duh it's a travel kit. lol. I like the tall brushes.


and you are right! I need that MAC 217! Smiley Happy

Re: Sigma brushes help

No I have the blue handles with silver. They switched it right when my sister ordered it for me lol. 


Re: Sigma brushes help

I just bought the Jaclyn Hill Expert beauty box which is cheaper than the sets you mentioned, at around $90. I have a ten percent off code if you want it, PM me!


Heres the one I bought. I literally just got it today so I will let you know what I think! They all feel amazingly soft though. (The pink eyeliner brush on the end was free with $30 purchase in April)


Re: Sigma brushes help

So pretty! I am going to look at this one too! Thank you!

Oh yeah, I read that somewhere (some blog I think) that they are having the 10% coupon until the end of April.


Did they ship fast?

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