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Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I searched around and saw storage but not many vanities.




I just got my vanity in today, I'm probably going to get a chest to store everything else, because these drawers are small! They also don't open all the way.  This is my set up for now.


Whats your set up like? 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

So pretty!   Is that the mirror from Sephora?  The 200 dollar one?   I've been waiting for a sale on this.  How do you like it? 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

It looks like a Conair one to me. Thats what I have and it works greatSmiley Happy

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Thank you @TIMELESSKDD !


Actually is isn't Smiley Happy  , I got it at Belk for like $45 & it is just the same IMO anyways! I think it works wonderful too !


Btw, I didn't even realize that those were my older pic's before I re-did my brushes & glosses!


Here is how it is now! lol SORRY!


Thank you again!



sephora vanity update, 1, 2015.jpg


Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

45 dollars is a steal!   I am getting (cough, cough) older, and my eyesight is not what it used to be.  I really need to find a good lighted mirror.  I will check this out.  Thank you for sharing.  

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Wow IQ, so many pretties! I wouldn't be able to decide in the morning!!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!




I have a routine down & have learned (the hard way) to NOT use new stuff while using something else fairly new ( thank you fellow BTers &@ Lylissa ), & as of now besides my foundation turning on me my routine is pretty solid on " got to go now " days!


Otherwise, I do get confused! lol


Thanks Again,


Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Above is my Bedroom Vanity Area ( my Woman Cave-Corner, lol).


This is my Bathroom Vanity Area Set-Up Smiley Happy !


FACEBOOK 17, 2015.jpg

facebook 11, 2015.jpg

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!




This is my Nail Polish & Nail Care Station (lol), like you can't tell!  I know it is hard to tell but the lipstick holder w/ the 4 drawer bottom piece is on the far left & as of now is holding my Nail Care Items (but you can't see the lipstick holder well at all). It has the YUBE Tubes, Nail Clippers & Scissors, etc. in it! That is how deep it is!


Under my Nail Polish I put the Large Drawer from the Lux Makeup System. In it is my watches, small & large earrings ( in that little green bowl... adorable, & other jewelry that you can't hang. I thought it was cool. Smiley Happy

I used to put my sample (like large cardboard samples & such especially) in there, until I decided I wanted to keep those items in the Cookie Jar (adorable & convenient)!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

@Meagboho !

I like how your vanity is clean & not crowded looking Smiley Happy ! It is very pretty & I love your set up & drawers too. I wanted to display my mini perfumes the way you did exactly.... but couldn't b/c I have only 1 large drawer so I have to use acrylic systems. I have a mix of Muji & The Container Store ( & a cpl of pieces from Overstock). Sometimes I think UGH, it loos to crowded & yuck.


I will probably re-do it again.... for the 100th time very soon!


Love it!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Does anyone know of acrylic lipstick holder that can fit Burberry, Givenchy Le Rouge or regular sized Tom Ford's? None of the ones I'm looking at seem to fit those lipsticks. Thanks!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

My Givenchy fits in the mega lipstick spinning tower from Lady Moss (it holds 116; there's one from Zahra that holds 81), and I'm pretty sure I've seen full-size Tom Ford and Burberry in pictures of other people's. The only lipsticks I've found that won't fit are Guerlain Rouge Gs and Marc Jacobs.

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I do actually. It came from the removable 12 lipstick holder that comes w/ the Large Lux Acrylic Holder at

The Container Store ( you can get it at Overstock too ). It has large lipstick holders & it ascends from the bottom up so you can see all your lippies! I personally think the flat lipstick holder is better for the wider ones, but you can't see them as well. I think the 12 lipstick holder w/ it height on the sides is awesome for chubby sticks & lip-gloss. But either will do.


I have a smaller lipstick holder (it holds 9 in a compartment for lipsticks) & then it has a smaller wide base right above it where you can put lipsticks too ( I have had my Nars The Multiple there before & a cpl of chubbies. It has a tray where u can put skin care, foundation (taller bottles like polish) or lay your eyelash curler (etc.) down & it look nice. It also has places to put taller things like lip & eye liners, brushes, etc. I have the 4-drawer attachment that goes w/ it that I am willing to put along w/ it. I had rather part w/ that since the bottom 4 drawers were replaced w/ the Muji system & is nice & needs a home. I have it on my night stand w/ some vitamins, etc. in it. It's Sad b/c it is nice and should be used! lol


U want to sees omen pic's, etc. let me know. You can pm me or whatever Smiley Happy

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

My normal ones fit the Givenchy lipsticks if I put them in just right. 
I'm in search of lipstick holders that will fit the Marc Jacobs lipsticks.

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

All my other makeup is stored away, well. not stored but I have it organized on another set, this is immediate stuff, or stuff I use on a daily basis so that I don't have to be reaching in my other set. All my palettes though are over there (eyeshadows). And lippies. I just kept some of the fancy ones out here and some are in my bag. SAM_2320.JPG

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

image.jpgFinally got some organizing done!! Not enough yet though!! Still getting glass containers for my brushes that I'll fill with beads Smiley Happy I have too much stuff!!!!  Hahahaha 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I have the bottom left piece here in your pic! I like it & it fits MJ & Chubby sticks, etc.


This is the one I was talking about ( but 4 drawers) @DZIGGI Smiley Happy !

Too Big for what you were asking maybe, but can be broke into two pieces. You could use the top where u want your lipsticks & the bottom some where different!


What about you @StephaniLynn ?


Nice set-up SimplyYulz with some nice pretties too! Love it!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

just saw this!! 


Thank you!!! 


I need to get another one!!!!!  i have so much now fml 


on an absolute NO BUY Now haha 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Can you tell me where you purchased these? Love them!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

You can get all these things at Overstock, The Container Store, Muji, The Original Makeup Box ( I want, lol), Etsy, & oven Ultra & Walt mart!


I can help you look around & shop for whatever you are looking for!

I am obsessed w/ clear acrylic systems & have been doing/using & shopping for these things for years.... constantly on the look out!


I absolutely LOVE the Original Makeup Box systems & have seen on Etsy some awesome things w/ separate spacers & what not Smiley Happy ! really neat!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Finally came across them at winners after forever of working there for 4 years and never seeing.  If you in the states. It's the same company at marshals and tj Max. Found them in the beauty and home department

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Everyone's collection setups are so beautiful!

I'm inspired to get a lot more creative with my collection now (instead of just placing products in various baskets lol). 

And I'm happy to discover the Sephora BT community - really reassures me that I'm not alone in my obsession love for the beauty and fun of makeup. Thanks for posting all the the gorgeous pictures ... you all rock Smiley Happy

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