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Post in Beauty Confidential

Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I searched around and saw storage but not many vanities.



I just got my vanity in today, I'm probably going to get a chest to store everything else, because these drawers are small! They also don't open all the way.  This is my set up for now.


Whats your set up like? 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Thank you for sharing this. Love the Ice Cube Tray Idea. Your set up is just beautiful.


Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Wow this is amazing!!!

<3 Melissa

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I am so jealous.  Love the whole room, the color scheme, everything.


I wish there was a suitable antiquey looking Alex substitute, because they would be so great for holding my excess makeup and way prettier than the 3 storage shelves I have now, but I want something to match my antique vanity.  



Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Maybe an Ikea hack? Like adding moulding trim to the edges, and vintage looking drawer pulls to go over the gap at the front of each drawer? (I believe China White paint from Benjamin Moore is the closest white match we've found to the Ikea white furniture shade.)


Otherwise, maybe something like the Ashworth Lingerie Chest from Pier 1 would be an antique-y version of the tall Alex, albeit way more expensive.

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Amazing amazing amazing. I think this is any makeup lover's dream room!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I am thoroughly impressed by how neat and organized everything is. I am curious though, given how big your collection is - how long does it take you to find a specific color of nail polish/lipstick/blush, etc? Do you have it all catalogued in your head? Smiley Happy

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Pretty much. I have a decent visual headspace (fine arts background, worked as an MUA and currently as a visual merchandiser), so I tend to recall that kind of information well enough.


Though every now and then I pull something out and am all "Where the hell did YOU come from??" Smiley Very Happy

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Like everyone has already said, WOW!!! This is freaking amazing! I'm so impressed at your organization. How do you organize everything so you can find what you're looking for (alphabetical, by colour, etc?) 


How long did it take you to create this wonderful setup?

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!



I keep everything organized more or less by type of product and grouped by brand, and then if possible, sorted by colour family. So, for example, my palettes are almost all in the tall Alex units on either side, and each drawer contains either one brand, or related brands (say, all EL brands). In the Dior/Chanel drawer, I have my quints organized from warm to cool.


In my lip drawers, I subdivide them my high vs low end, and separate glosses from lipsticks. I keep the same brands, or the same types of lip products from said brand if I have a lot from one brand, together. 


I've thought about grouping by colour as the primary category, but my brain twitches at how everything would look disparate. It's maybe less functional, but less chaotic for the way my brain deals with visual information this way.


Pisces with Virgo ascending. Smiley Wink 


The room itself took a few months to build (my hubby built it in our basement), and I had a few of the Ikea pieces in our bedroom already (which he was SO happy to see go, lol!). He started the build in early 2012 (February? March?) and I had it roughly set up by July 2012. It took about a year of fine-tuning after that to get it to more or less where it is in the pictures, and that includes buying/inheriting, and/or making all the furniture and decor elements, plus all the storage bits in the drawers and on the tabletop. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Oh my God,,,,,it's stunning