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Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I searched around and saw storage but not many vanities.



I just got my vanity in today, I'm probably going to get a chest to store everything else, because these drawers are small! They also don't open all the way.  This is my set up for now.


Whats your set up like? 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

It looks like you own everything ELF makes! Do you like their products? I've tried a few things from Target, but I haven't tried a ton of their products. 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I do REALLY love their products. They always have amazing codes for half off of everything!! They have fabulous customer service too. To be honest it wasnt that long ago I didn't know anything about makeup. Eyeslipsface allowed me to be able to afford to play and find out what I liked and didn't like. Now I know what things I want to splurge on in the high end category if that makes any sense. I have found so many gems by them... Their blushes are fabulous, the smudge pots are soooooo simple and my favorite makeup product period, I really like their lipsticks, glosses and the mineral mascara I use over high end any day. I bought powder, liquid, you name it to experiment and teach myself, because girl I had no clue, thank God for YouTube!! I think the things they have at Target are ok, but the best stuff is online with them!!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Good to know! I'll have to explore a little more. I do have a few of the Studio brushes, and they are great!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Oh and their studio brushes (the black one around $3 each) are so soft and I like them and use them just as much as my Sigma brushes. The baked highlighters, are wow!! Also, the Prism eyeshadow palettes...especially in Naked are my GO TO, over every palette I own... I just use my fingers and pat them on my lid, I swear I look back in the mirror five minutes later and they have blended themselves, amazing!!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Lol, last thing, but the most important and this I know you can get at Target for $3... It's the "High Definition under eye setting powder" this is the BEST freaking concealer setting powder period, I've tried them all and this stuff is magically, if you only give one thing a shot set your under eye concealer with this powder, it will last all day, I even set me eye liner with it and it won't run or budge!! I have 4 backups at all times in fear something will happen! It's seriously their best product and $3 I would seriously pay $30. 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I actually have that undereye setting powder and I like it a lot!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I pieced my vanity together from separate Ikea units, and tried to keep the overall look feminine and clean, as well as functional. (Used the Alex units and Limnon desktop.)



My hubby also made a couple of these nail polish displays attached to either side of an Ikea bookcase. (Besta.)



I used a variety of storage for the table top, including letter sorters, CD holders, a cake stand, flower pots and such. Most of it from Chapters/Indigo and Homesense.




And then a variety of trays from the dollar store and Maxi (Supercenter in the rest of Canada, I think) to organize inside the drawers. I also used candle boxes with the cut-down boxes from lipsticks to organize lippies, and ice cube trays for individual eyeshadows.





Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I love the ice cube tray idea!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Holy moly organized make up! Are all of those drawers filled?!


Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

i saw this on a youtube channel maggiesmakeuptv...if you go to the channel there is a full can see inside zee drawers Smiley Very Happy

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