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Post in Beauty Confidential

Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I searched around and saw storage but not many vanities.



I just got my vanity in today, I'm probably going to get a chest to store everything else, because these drawers are small! They also don't open all the way.  This is my set up for now.


Whats your set up like? 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Yes it is!


Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

OOOO How is it? How does it compare to the real beautyblender? I've been dying to get my hands on one!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I haven't tried the original beauty blender, so i can't compare the two. It definitely feels softer than the beauty blender dupes you see at Marshall's and stuff. It feels sooooo soft and squishy on the skin. I love the flat side that it has because it really does fit underneath the eyes perfectly. I only use the flat side for foundation and concealer. I never use the pointy side. 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

How durable is it? I have two BB dupes and they started tearing after a couple of washes.

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I've only had mine for a few days. It's pretty durable because I washed it a few times and it hasn't ripped or anything. Also, it's literally so soft and squishy that I just squeeze it for fun. I just love the feeling of it!

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Omg, thanks for making me not feel like an idiot. I love squishing my beauty blender dupes and the legit beauty blender, but I have a fear of tearing the real thing up. The dupe I have is kinda squishy, but it is harder than the real thing. I once wanted to give the dupe to my cousin's dog as a chew toy because it is really hard when dry.

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I have been using that Real Techniques sponge for 2+ months and I wash it every 2 applications and it's doing fine - the only tiny tear in it is my fault because I had a long, broken nail that snagged it, lol. I love the BB, but $20 for that bad boy.... I just CAN NOT. This works just as well for me, AND you can get it on sale! Double win! Smiley Wink 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

I love seeing other people's vanity! 


This is currently mine:



It is currently set up in my spare bedroom's closet, and I use that for my girl cave. I have al my makeup and purses and jackets. I love it so much! It kind of stinks because I do have to stand up to do my makeup, but it's no biggie. My fiancé installed those little wall lights for me and they give me awesome lighting. I want to get a little bigger mirror, but eh. I also need something better for my brushes. I really want to get the large brush holder from Elf. 


Here are closeups. 



At the very top is my Beauty and The Beast collection as well as my perfumes and BPAL's. Then the second row are my pallets, brushes, cleansing stuff, and in the drawers are my lipsticks separated by MAC and Regular.



Then right here is my main stuff. I have my foundations in that little black round thing that's supposed to be a brush holder, all my different glasses to fit my mood (lol), and my most used items are in the middle, as well as my R2D2 holding my finishing sprays and primers. I have some more perfume oils there with LUSH, and a little pencil holder thing from Target holding some of my indie makeup lip gloss from Makeup Beauty Addiction. 


Everytime I get something new, I give it a place and I can't help but stand back and look at all of it. I'm happy with my collection...but I need more! Haha. 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

NEED? Lol! What color glossy stains have you got there? The pinker one? And I love your R2D2! 

Re: Show us your vanity/make up set up!

Hehe, thanks. I love him too! The color is 103 Pink Taboo from the Rebel Nudes. It's a nice watermelon color! The other one is Violene Out Of Control. I use to have purple hair so I liked to match my lips with my hair. lol! 

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