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Should I get a Clarisonic?


I'm considering getting a Clarisonic Mia, but I'm hesitant about it because of the price. Is it worth the money? Also, I thought it would be a one-time expenditure but it's like a toothbrush in the way that you have to replace the brush head periodically. So my issue is the cost of  buying it and the cost of maintaining it. 

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

Before I got the Mia I used two squirts of my cleanser, now I can get away with one squirt. I agree with other posters: I use fewer products and less of the products that I do use.


I just looked at my purchase history and I've replaced the brush every 8-12 weeks.

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?



As for the replacement brushes, you'll use less of your skincare products because clean skin can absorb them much more effectively.  You'll probably come out ahead in the long run.

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

If you care about your skin, the clarisonic is the best investment you can make.  Not only does it get your skin perfectly clean - which is all but impossible to do without the sonic technology - your lotions, serums, etc. work so much better and you use less.  Also, your make-up will go on and stay on much better and also need to use less.  You can do without toner.  But most importantly, your skin looks and feels great.  Try QVC - they often have it discounted and have it so you can take 4 or 5 months to pay without any interest charge.  Good luck.

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

I was a huge skeptic, too, when the Clarisonic first came out, but when it came up with the acne brush head, I purchased it immediately on Amazon. I always just use it at night time because I feel like if I used it during the daytime, it would be pointless and overdoing it because you have no makeup or debris on your skin when you wake up. I think that even if you might not see results, you feel results. I remember not looking any different, but the texture of my skin changed. As for maintaining the brush heads, it's not too bad. There are usually sales on them somewhere on the internet. And if a certain brush head doesn't work out, you can always switch it out after 3 months (which is a good way to test if the brush head is good for you). I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

I bought it and like it but I'm not sure I'd rebuy if I had to today.  It is great for exfoliating skin.  I have sensitive skin, and found using it just a couple times a week was enough for me.  Any more than that was too much for my face.  So something to consider is your skin type too.  


I've found if I use an exfoliating cleaner a couple times a week that is good enough for my skin right now, so my clarisonic hasn't been touched lately.  (Maybe in winter I'll use it more.)


Some people love it.  I really did like it, but using it less than I expected is what worked for me.  Therefore it wasn't completely worth it in the long run for me.  

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

i was hesitant to buy it at first too, but it's the best thing ever!! Keeps my skin in a great condition. I only use it at night with a sensitive brush. I bought mine at skinetc dotcom they had a 20%off and a free replacement brush head.

Re: Should I get a Clarisonic?

Hello VintageCamellia,


I was a bit  hesitant as well to buy a Clarisonic but I purchased a yellow Mia (basic!) and it was SUCH a great investment! My skin is smoother and softer, I have less breakouts and my makeup even looks better.


While the original price of the brush is a bit more than most skincare products you only need to spend $25 for a replacement brush head or $40 for two so it's a pretty good deal.


Keep in mind that if you aren't happy with the brush you can still return it or exchange it within the appropriate allotted times. Smiley Happy  I suggest you try one- they're great for skincare!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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