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Shop Your Stash 2

Since a few of us are on a "no-buy" it might be a good idea to "shop our stashes" again and encourage eachother to behave!  Smiley Happy


Today I dug out my Too Faced "Fun in the Dark" palette for eyeshadow and blush and then also used two new swap items NARS lipstick "Tzigane" and UD shadow pencil "Rehab".

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

Seems like there's some interest to start this back up?  I need to go back to shopping my stash too because some stuff is seriously getting neglected!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

With the holiday weekend, I may switch back to contacts and shop my stash.  I had to start from scratch with eyeshadow a couple of months ago, so I'm just playing with new purchases.


I did dig out an old concealer, though.  It's almost done!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

Is this the current Shop your Stash? I went looking and did not find a newer one...I think this and project 5 and 10 pan will help me organize my things and buy smarter for 2014. I'm firmly into staying comfortably in VIB mode so my spending won't be that much less probably, just hopefully a bit smarter. 

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

I was just thinking about reviving this thread the other day.  I'm planning on cleaning out for the TSBs that I'm in and I'll probably find a few gems that I forgot about in the process!


I'm with you on the "project pan".  I'm currently working on deluxe/travel sizes.

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

I will be doing more of this! I have so much stuff, but I like buying new products too much Smiley Tongue 

I will be better, I promise! 

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

so glad y'all resurrected this thread Smiley Happy  I NEED to do this.  I think today I will use Vice2. I have not been using it enough to justify having bought it. But when I do, I love it. Although I just love my Naked3 so much I keep playing with it.  

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