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Shop Your Stash 2

Since a few of us are on a "no-buy" it might be a good idea to "shop our stashes" again and encourage eachother to behave!  Smiley Happy


Today I dug out my Too Faced "Fun in the Dark" palette for eyeshadow and blush and then also used two new swap items NARS lipstick "Tzigane" and UD shadow pencil "Rehab".


Re: Shop Your Stash 2

shyvicki: I should do that too! Great idea! Gotta shop my stash before I shop Sephora for fall trends!

*10 minutes later*


Okay. Got 1 red gloss. No liquid or gel liner for winging, just pencil. Lots of bright shadow I can turn into liner. Smiley Happy


Going bare faced today. Smiley Surprised

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

This is such a great idea!  I can't believe I didn't see this post before.  I'm definitely going on a no-buy for September and possibly October if I can be good Smiley Happy  So I rediscovered my Too Faced Glamour to go pocket palette, and have been experimenting with my lime green and olive green as a mix in my crease...definitely a new go to look!  Besides that, I rediscovered my Benefit Her Name was Glowla kit, so I'm determined to use up those shadows before buying any more.  haha Wish me luck! Smiley Happy

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

I rediscovered some of my Smashbox Lip Enhancing Glosses... I purchased the boxed set with 6 mini glosses. I stopped using them because I felt they were too shimmery and smelled/tasted bad.


Today I put on the True Color gloss in Brown Sugar and WOW!! It's such a beautiful nude shade. It looks like a dark shimmery brown, but on my lips it's a beautiful nude color! Perfect for the Fall! I'm so in love with it and feel ashamed that I've been ignoring it since I bought it 3 months ago. It still has a weird smell, but it doesn't linger any longer than a couple minutes.


I'm really happy that I rediscovered it Smiley Happy especially since I'm on a no-buy! Ugh!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

I miss this thread and totally need to join in. There's a lot of makeup that I haven't used in awhile (its not expired, its just been sitting around waiting its turn again lol). A couple of weeks ago I reorganized my skincare stash and now that everything is in one place (well the backup skincare I mean) I noticed that there's a LOT of stuff I still haven't had a chance to use. I need to look through my makeup stash and see what I haven't used in awhile and bring it back to life!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

Going along with sephoramusthave's necro, doing a summer no buy, free samples don't count though! Smiley Very Happy who's in?  I know starletta8 is Smiley Wink

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

I've managed to not buy anything for a good 10 days now Smiley Happy  feels like FOREVER

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

3 days has been rough- even though my prior purchases are still rolling in!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

Oh my gosh, yes, I need to do this again too!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

Makes me feel bad when i shop my stash and I find products that I know I love but get pushed aside for the new stuff I think i must have in my life when I see them. I hate to neglect my makeup so shopping my stash sounds like a really good idea. What goodies have we overlooked in order to but the LE collections that companies put out to entice us to buy buy buy since they wont be around for long??? Does anyone else have this issue that you get automatically drawn into and buy anything that says new or LE you think you must buy it since it will be gone soon Or is it just me....... No, Just me.... ok??  I'll join you on this for sure!!! Shopping my stash!!!!!

Re: Shop Your Stash 2

@pinklissamel -

Regarding the new or LE - Yes!  My initial impulse is too click "add to cart" immediately!  After I started realizing I have multiple brands of similar colors I starting resisting though.  I turn to beauty blogs to help me out.  Temptalia is great for reviewing and then and letting you know what products are similar so you can decide if you "need" a new one!

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