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Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Sephora will be having a great Black Friday sale this Friday in store and online! Check out their Facebook Fan Page:


If you do not have facebook, here are the details:


There are 10 items for $10 each:

1. Tarte multiplEYE primer and lights, camera, lashes! Duo ($30 original price)

2. Korres Guava All Butter Moisture Therapy Pack (body butter and lip butter, i think) [$22 original price]

3. Josie Maran Argan Color Stick ($22 original price)

4. Stila Glitz and Glam Palette and Lip Glaze ($76 original price)

5. Buxom Welcome to the Party (buxom lash mascara and eye liner) [$33 original price]

6. Bare Minerals All Decked Out (lip gloss, blush and blush brush) ($44 original price)

7. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood 4 Elements of a Perfect Shave Starter Set (brush, after shave balm, pre-shave oil and shaving cream) [$25 original price]

8. Sephora Collection Travel Brush Set ($30 original price)

9. Tokidoki Cromatico Eye Shadow Palette - Chose from 5 shades ($25 original price)

10. Kat Von D Adora Fragrance ($55 original price)


There is a limit of two of each product per client. The products are $10 USD and $12 CAD. The Art of Shaving set is not available on Canadian checkout. This offer is only valid through 11/25/11 11:59pm PST or while supplies last. *This offer is not available in Sephora inside JCPenny.


THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!! Does anyone plan on getting anything?! Smiley Happy


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Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Hi Katie,


Thanks for posting this! I am excited to see what people are going to be the most interested in buying. Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@melissa no problem! i thought i'd share the knowledge Smiley Happy are you planning on getting anything?


 @mizzmona i want those sets, also!! =) i went in the store yesterday to swatch the tokidoki eye shadows, but i didnt see them! Smiley Sad


@diana i was really interested in the kat von d perfume! i agree, the deal is great! i couldn't find it in the sephora store yesterday, they just had her 3 other ones. would you by any chance have an idea of what it smells like?


 @kimmi hmm, i wonder what theyre setting up for! aww, im sorry there isnt a nearby sephora by your place! but to be honest, with the crowds... maybe its not even worth the drive?! so good idea for shopping later!


@angiepie you're welcome! im sorry you missed out on the VIB event =( hope you're feeling better now and hopefully your store has some!! i just called two of my nearby Sephoras and they both open at different times. One opens at 5am and the other opens at 10am, so I would suggest calling your local sephora to find out. to be honest, i dont want to stay up til 5am or push and shove around 10am... so hopefully i can get my hands on those sets online!!

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Smiley Very Happy

I'm definitely VERY excited about this $10 sale. I want to get the Tarte MultiplEYE Primer and Mascara Duo, Josie Maran Argan Color Stick, Tokidoki Cromatico shadow palette, and the Stila Glitz and Glam Palette. Cannot wait for Friday!

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Hi katie723, 


I agree, thank you for posting! I would LOVE to buy these items myself, too! The Adora fragrance is SUCH a fantastic value!! Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

I saw this on FB the other day.  I noticed it says not availabe in Sephora inside JCP, but yesterday I heard the girls talking about how to set up the display for it.  Maybe it's for some other special.  I'll be back in Greeneville for the break, and I won't feel like driving up to Sephora lol.  I may do some shopping at home, but more like during the afternoon after some people go home to sleep lol.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

ThankYou for Sharing this Katie723! I read this on FB and did not notice a time on which the Sale starts for $10.00 Products. If You know or find out, Please let Me know or post on thread. ThankYou again! I plan on getting *2SephoraCollectionPinkTravelBrushSets.*2TheArtOfShavingSets.*Maybe1BareMineralsAllDeckedOutSet. I am Hoping Sephora is having a VIBSephoraTote with purchase for VIB's since I was sick with abcessed tooth on 11-10-11VIBEvent. I went in Friday (Day after Event and VIBTotes were gone) I'm so desperate to get SephoraTote.. LoveSephora!! Have a Great Holiday!! Angie

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Thanks for posting too. I'm glad you gave a breakdown of things on sale! Excited to check them out.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Thanks for the announcement. I was planning on picking up a few things while in the US. I had my heart set on getting the Korres lip set that is $33 in Canada and $25 in the US!!! What an insane markup! You American shoppers are very lucky...


My flight doesn't arrive until noon - I hope the lineups are not insane Smiley Sad

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Does this sale apply online too?

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@mar8711 yes, online too! Smiley Happy i hope it starts right at midnight online!

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@katie-  I hope it starts at midnight too, I can pull off staying up until midnight, but I'm not getting up at 5AM unless Urban Decay is giving away stuff (not just the $20 off the Book of Shadows IV)!Smiley Very Happy


Not that I'm thinking of getting that either, I got the email yesterday AM and thought about it, but after looking at my Naked palette(s) and Mariposa palette, I think there is enough color overlap to make it not quite worth it.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@prettyinpa i'm not too interested in the Book of Shadows IV either! i didnt even know it was going on sale! i reaaaaallllyyyyy hope we can get the sephora deals online at midnight! if not, i guess i can go to Downtown Disney @10am... hopefully there wont be a huge crowd there!?!?


@newshoes4me i agree, i'm super excited about the brushes!! i'll have to pick up one for my cousin, as well! the Buxom set is a MUST! the Buxom Lash is my absolute favorite mascara! Smiley Happy The tokidoki set looks like a palette of 4 colors, so hopefully the dark blue-grey color is in one of their 5 palettes on sale!

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

I just went to to check out the Tokidoki shadows. They are different from the 24 Karat palette I bought. However, none of the 5 different Tokidoki chromatic palettes are available right now. I guess that means if I want one I'll have to go to Fashion Valley (San Diego) at midnight which I'm not likely to do as I am driving to LA on Friday morning. For $10 they are a great deal and would make really nice gifts for some teenage girls I know. Too bad. Well, I can look for the others on-line I guess.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

I'm planning on getting the Tokidoki eyeshadow, Art of Shaving, Kat Von D fragrance and the travel brush set.  I just ordered the brush set and I love them, it would make a good gift or stocking stuffer.  I'm also hoping that the Hello Kitty make-up bag bonus will be available and the new VIB 500pt bonus.  I think I'm going to order online since I'm in Hawaii and it will be between 9-10pm my time.  Do you know if it will be available at 12am EST or PST?

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Hey guys! The tokidoki eyeshadow palettes have been "coming soon" on the website for a few weeks now, and same for the art of shaving set. (I picked that up last weekend at a store for my bf's dad!) they had it last year too, and my bf loves it! It's definitely a great gift idea for the guys in your life Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@newshoes4me aw, hopefully you can get your hands on some sets!! im in san diego right now for turkeyday, but heading back to the OC later tonight and doin shopping around midnight.


@angelstar, those are great sets that you chose! Smiley Happy


ahhhh, i was hoping the sale would start at midnight EST!!!!!! booo. i really wanted to get sephora outta the way by 9pm, so i could head out to the mall before midnight!

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

I'm bummed because I went online a little after midnight PST and ordered some of the Tokidoki sets (some were already sold out) and before I could place my order at approx. 1 a.m. all of them were sold out. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. I did get a couple of other things though, the Tarte mascara set, the Josie Maran blush, the brushes, so that's good. I might try to go to Fashion Valley before heading up north later today and see what they've got. I hope next year they add nail polish to the list.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

Yea everything online was almost gone! I bought the Korres body butter and the Josie Maran Stick. But I was so disappointed because I wanted to get some stocking stuffers and the sets were out.

Smiley Sad Really disappointed.

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

I noticed the site had lots of traffic until about a little after midnight MST.  Not too disappointed I missed out. 


As expected the traffic for this site is to rise during this weekend and throughout the holiday season.  Same goes for most online retailers. 


Still, I have finished with presents already but I might need a power strip and some more lights...

Re: Sephora's Black Friday Shopping

@newshoes4me i wanted the Tokidoki set, too... but it was never in stock for me! glad you were still able to pick up the sets online! the tokidoki sets at Downtown Disney werent the $10 Art Palettes which is what i want (the Til Death Do Us Part), so I was kind of sad.


@geminibreeze, oh no... what time did you shop on the site? at least you got those two sets! Smiley Happy


@run8 yeah, the site was down for the longest time, everyone on facebook was PISSED lol! i just waited it out and was able to get my stuff.

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