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Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

Not sure if my fellow beauties got this but I just received ad from Sephora. (inside JCP)


Customized skincare set for $29.00  - Pick your five w/ makeup bag.


What are your five? Smiley Happy

Skincare.JPG    skincare 2.JPG

Re: Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

I am the same and almost exclusively purchase online (and of course all of the extensive research that goes into buying a new product--this stuff is expensive, I'm not about to waste my money), but sometimes I just happen to be around a store and want to try things out or see if they have something in-store that isn't currently available online. I do agree with @michmo is correct in saying that BT members are more knowledgeable and passionate about the products.

Re: Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

In all honesty, I've always felt like the employees in the free standing stores were more knowledgeable than the SiJCP stores.  And the SiJCP is the one local to me.  


My last time in I asked the girl about the primer that I wanted, which they had, but that it isn't online--(not at all, not out of stock online...just plain not online.)  So I asked her if they weren't going to be carrying it anymore and she really didn't have an answer.  


Then I had her foundation match me.  She actually did a really good job.  I was a bit surprised with the shade, but I do think she was right on.  I couldn't remember from online what the undertone was to the color so I asked because I wanted to be sure it was my color.  She kind of stumbled for an answer that it was neutral.  I thanked her and then as I walked through the store I pulled up the cosmetic company's website on my phone just so I could make sure.  The undertone is listed as yellow, but that is perfect for me.  So while she didn't quite have the knowledge or maybe the ability to articulate her knowledge, she really did a good job matching me.  


Overall, the girls I've come across in the local SiJCP seem friendly enough but I find lots of you here on BT have as much if not more knowledge.  

Re: Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

I've had far better experiences at my local SiJCP, partially because it's not crazy busy like the freestanding Sephoras in my area. I'm a regular in there, and 90% of the cast members know me by name.

Re: Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

OMG! I's so jealous! I didn't get this ad, I wouldn't have bought it anyways but not the point lol! That glamglow deluxe sample is calling to me why oh why!

Re: Sephora inside JCPenney - What are your picks?

Aw I'm sad. I just got back from SiJCP and the only thing that was sold out already was the Truth Serum. And that was the deal breaker for me if they didn't have it since i already planned to buy it anyways. But i guess it's my fault i couldn't make it there any sooner. But i'm still sad! They had so many Glamglow Mask left though. 

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