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Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

Hey all, coming in here asking for a little advice on a new and upcoming purchase of brushes.


I know my way around brushes and how to blend, and I was looking at this: and wondering if it was really worth the money. 


It's quite costly compared to the (hah) drug store brushes I used to buy, but I'm totally up for spending a pretty penny if it's worth it. I like the fact these brushes aren't used on animals. I want brushes that won't be falling out and will do the job efficiently. Blend well, apply a good amount of product, and not be a nuisance to clean. I want a good quality product I can rely on! I use a ridiculous amount of glitter (and barely anything else) for my eyes, and I'm working on perfecting my conturing skills (got the foundation and highlight right!) 


Has anyone used these brushes? Tried them? Had an experience? Please let me know before I hit up elf for their brushes! 


If you would like to suggest me some brushes, I would prefer cruelty free completely, but more eyeshadow brushes than face ones.


Thanks guys and gals.

Re: Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

I only have one Sephora brush but I wanted to tell you they have a few sets on sale that look pretty cute! I have some ulta and elf and like them aswel


Re: Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

I think there are generally hits and misses, but I have quite a few individual Sephora brushes and I'm happy with the ones I have. Not sure about sets, however...I'm always weary about them and I don't like paying for a set with brushes I'll never use. Most of my brushes are Sephora pro brand...I'd say 80%+


I have the jumbo powder, highlighting/contour #79, tapered crease, airbrush crease, bent liner, tapered liner brushes from the current collection. These are brushes that I use daily, or fairly frequently. I also have the fan, small shadow, cream shadow, stippling brushes from the older professional collection (silver handle) which are still going strong today after 5+ years and the pro blush and airbrush brushes which were used so much that I just threw them out after 5+ years.

RE: Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

I personally love Sephora’s brushes. They’re my favorites! I’ve tried drugstore brands, and they’re definitely not bad, but I do prefer Sephora brushes.

RE: Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

Check out the BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brushes. They’re very affordable and work realllly well. I own Artis and Wayne Goss Brushes and I think BH is a great, affordable brand. I use mine all the time.

Re: Sephora brand brushes really worth the money?!

Hey! I personally don't think Sephora brand brushes are worth the price... My all time favourites are the Real Technique ones! They're synthetic hair and the brand is cruelty free, they're super soft, dense, easy to clean, and durable. They have a decent variety too I believe. Eco tools is another cruelty free brand that uses synthetic brushes, I'm not as familiar with them but I've heard great things! I'd say splurge on actual makeup from Sephora- not the brushes. Hope this is of some help! 🙂

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