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Sephora Sale Items

Is it just me or do any of you other ladies check the "sale" page on the website or the sale item section at your local store like it's a part of your daily routine?


Since I logged in today and realized I met VIB Rouge which made me laugh because I wasn't sure to hide away in a dark corner because I spent wayyy too much than I thought OR to be excited and take advantage of the perks. Well, after some time of feeling like I was in the "doghouse" I went ahead and snagged some sale items to test out the free 3-day shipping for all VIB Rouge member orders + I wanted the welcome kit, hehe! What a great perk I must say! Anyway, to get back to the point...


The sale item page seems like it doesn't update often, but when it does there are some gems to be found. I remember not too long ago they had the Bite Beauty Lip Library for $50 $24 (that's a steal not a deal) Today, I grabbed this baby for $18 $10 which I'm really excited to try out! 



Happy bargain hunting!


Re: Sephora Sale Items

I check the sale page CONSTANTLY. But I'm not much of an online shopper, so then I get bummed because NONE of that stuff is ever on sale in stores lol

Re: Sephora Sale Items

Yea, but the great part of VIB Rouge is that if you really want it, you can just order that before it disappears.  If it wasn't what you expected, you can still return it in store.


I check the section all the time.  It's gotten me into trouble, which is why I ordered one brush I saw and really wanted and I've been very good otherwise this month.  Not even the other brushes I saw yesterday or the mini nail polish set.  They're in the cart; we'll see what happens on the 1st tomorrow.  I'm trying hard to be good until the 12th.

Re: Sephora Sale Items

I got "lucky" yesterday and ordered the Sephora Collection Core bag organizer and 3-in-1 bag plus 4 Sephora OPI nail polishes that were in my shopping basket for the last 2 weeks.  I wanted the hanging makeup travel bag but SOMEBODY grabbed it before I could!  I check the sale section often and they do seem to have the same items there.  But every now and then, I find some real bargains.  My best deal of all time was the 15 Sephora Professional Brush Set with belted brush organizer for $100!


Most sale items seem to be clearance items.  I wish every now and then, Sephora would put a brand or selected items from a brand on sale for a discounted percentage off for a limited time.  When Sephora has their storewide discount sales, I only have a limited amount of money to spend at that time.  I guess I should start saving now, uh!

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