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Sephora Sale Items

Is it just me or do any of you other ladies check the "sale" page on the website or the sale item section at your local store like it's a part of your daily routine?


Since I logged in today and realized I met VIB Rouge which made me laugh because I wasn't sure to hide away in a dark corner because I spent wayyy too much than I thought OR to be excited and take advantage of the perks. Well, after some time of feeling like I was in the "doghouse" I went ahead and snagged some sale items to test out the free 3-day shipping for all VIB Rouge member orders + I wanted the welcome kit, hehe! What a great perk I must say! Anyway, to get back to the point...


The sale item page seems like it doesn't update often, but when it does there are some gems to be found. I remember not too long ago they had the Bite Beauty Lip Library for $50 $24 (that's a steal not a deal) Today, I grabbed this baby for $18 $10 which I'm really excited to try out!


Happy bargain hunting!


Re: Sephora Sale Items

I picked up a bunch of brushes from the sale section in my past few orders. They're all great quality and they were cheaper. Awesome!

I check in the morning between 7-9 AM and usually see some new things appear. I'm so glad to be part of VIB Rouge now, so if I see something on sale I want, I don't need to scramble to find more items I might not need in order to get the free shipping!However, I too was initially ashamed of my spending that qualified me for this. Sigh. It has already happened, I might as well enjoy it!

Re: Sephora Sale Items

I'm always tempted to buy sale item brushes but every time I want one it moves me to the "this product is unavailable" page Smiley Sad

Re: Sephora Sale Items

this used to happen to me a lot. and then i realized that if i purchase very early in the day (before the rest of america wakes up and logs on to, then i have the best chance of getting the 'hot' sale items before they become 'unavailable.' and yes, i admit, i actually do this.

Re: Sephora Sale Items

I always check it daily Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora Sale Items

in the past couple days they have sold out, but i got some really good eye brushes and a fan brush in the past for alot cheaper then usual, 


personally, i'm eyeing the christmas products in the sale from philo. if i buy them now on sale i can give them to co-workers or those random people that pop up around christmas time with gifts without spending a ton later Smiley Tongue

Re: Sephora Sale Items

Haha I was thinking the same thing for Christmas gifts this upcoming year, I'm just wary on the expiration date. There is good ole Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for expiration dates though HAHA (no don't do that)

Re: Sephora Sale Items

i check it daily. but i missed the bite lip library sale!! and since when does sephora have a sale section in the store?? is that in all sephoras or just certain ones? i need to go check this out.

Re: Sephora Sale Items

HEY you have the little "rouge" icon next to your avatar, how cool! I hope I get mine soon too. Not sure if Sephora stores have a sale section since I never been to one except a JC Penney (which isn't the same from what I can tell). I added that in the post for good measure in case there is a sale section in the actual stores Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora Sale Items

you have one too!

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