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Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

Hi Makeup Lovers!

So being that we are all probably sephora goers, most of us have either had a makeover at sephora, or plans on having one soon.

Thought it would be interesting to share in each others experiences, and learn from them!

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I've never had a full makeover, but there were a few times where I had a SA try on foundations for me and they did a pretty good job. I do think lighting in Sephora is different than if you were to walk out the store, so theres always a chance where your makeup wont look the way it did in the stores lighting.


I just recently got a VIB card for a free makeover but idk if ill be using it since i prefer to do my own makeup.

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I have actually purchased the dior forever flawless foundation and returned it 4 times! The lights are HORRIBLE and the shades they always recommend are way too dark or orange for me. Such a disappointment! Even concealers and the ysl touche eclat was a little dark for me.though im asian i certainly dont need dark shades! So before i visit sephora i always make a list for the things i need, and make it a point to research products online.

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I haven't had a "full" makeover, but they seem to get my foundation wrong. They always use the darkest foundations, while in reality I'm lighter in the "deep" shade range. The people are always willing to help, and everyone helps each other out by exchanging tips and ideas. 

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

For some reason, the Sephora near me never gets it right.  I returned 3 different foundations because they were the wrong shade and I went in without makeup on.  I have to go back and return the CC cream that I bought a few weeks ago because it's too dark.  I told the cast member that it was too dark for me but she convinced me to try it at home in different lighting.  That made it even worse.  I just went out on a limb and bought something and it turns out to be the best thing that I bought.  I'm lucky I snuck it into my basket before she could see.  I can't wait until they get those foundation guns that they said they were going to give them.  That should help immensely. 

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

lol its funny that you said that you snuck a product into your basket before the SA saw becuz thats exactly what I do. Sometimes Im really interested in a particular product but the SA will drag me away from it saying oo no this is much better so I smile, patiently watch them demo it on themselves or swatch it and even allow them to put the product in my basket then i walk away and sneak the product I was actually interested in into my basket careful not let the SA see. I feel like i have to pull some serious ninja movements to do it and attempt to not look like a crazy person who may be trying to steal something from the store lol!!

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

Foundation guns?

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I had a recent terrible experience a SA applied bronzer very freely over my face and made me look like a burnt carrot. So I'm a bit hesitant to use the make over offer I got for being a VIB. But my suggestion would be if you are gona do it make sure you are clear about what you do and do not want. If you feel the SA is being heavy handed with the application say something before it gets too out of hand for your liking. Remember some of the SAs may like their makeup to be more bold and feel as if thats the way to go with applying makeup. Having in mind what you're looking for in the makeover look can help ensure you come out of the experience feeling comfortable and looking your absolute best =). 

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I have done as mafan suggested, gone to Sephora without makeup, especially when I'm wanting to try a new foundation.  I have always had good experiences with my consultaions.  Some things I've liked, some I haven't, but I've always enjoyed the experience.  I am always prepared to buy either what they suggest or some other item.  I would never think of going out empty handed (I never do anyway)!.  I also try to give positive feedback to the consultant when I get home.


When my local JC Penney Sephora store first opened, I received a consultation that took longer than usual because the consultant was having to stop every few minutes to ring up someone at the cash register. But they have resolved this by adding more personnel.  It wasn't a problem that day.  I was in no hurry and the consultant was very apologetic.


In fact, I have a 45 minute makeover session I received when I recently requalified for VIB status.  I've got to plan a day to go!

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I feel like the testers are all so dirty I rather not have them apply the products to my face. I wish they had 2 different testers... 1 for people to stick their fingers in & one locked up for samples & makeup applications. Years ago a Chanel counter at one of the malls near me did this. 

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

so true dannyc! I never even dare try it on my face.not even lip products,its def a no-no for me.

Re: Sephora Makeover Experiences (and Tips!)

I think that I've had 3, all due to offers, and some other times where I've walked in and had a markup artist apply a number of different things. So my tips:


If you're willing to go out without makeup, go with your face washed and moisturized but without any other products on. You'll save time on their not having to take things off and be much more thorough at home. 


Have some idea of what you might want to try. Do you want to see a new product? Try a new look? Possibly buy what they use if they like it and have a budget of how much you're willing to spend on something?


Have an even better idea of what you don't like. Sometimes I'm quite happy to let them try things. But I make sure to tell them that I don't want "X". In my case, it's heavy black eyeliner. My husband hates the look and calls it Panda eyes and I know it doesn't suit me, so it's good to be upfront about anything you don't want. 


If you are worried about using a store open version of something, buy a product if you know you want it or bring your own. Mascara comes to mind here. They will use a new disposable wand, but if you don't want them to use the store tube, bringtimeBring yourssaver along with you. Also let them know ifou don't want to useanything that can't be cleaned, etc. 


If you don't like something when you look in the mirror, tell them. I know once they did my eye shadow again because I didn't like the first thing they used. Tell them too if you do like something, as it helps them know what you like. 


Ask questions. If someone is using a technique you haven't used, find out more. I've learned a lot of tips by asking what they put on where or how they did something  get everything you can out of the session. 


Ive never had a bad experience, soi hope you have fun and enjoy yours. I should schedule an appointment myself. 

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