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Post in Beauty Confidential

Self Beauty

For those who are reading this, you are probably wondering why I am posting this.  I thought that it would be a good time to.. share.  As we all know, girls are looking at magazines, only to compare a model's beauty with their own.  This results in poor self esteem, especially when they do not meet the so called "standards" of the beauty community.


Well, I think it is time to break that.


Why am I posting?  Well, I think it is time that we all sit back and find that beauty that we have (external, at the moment), and point it out.  What do I want you to do?  Find two things that you love about your appearance.  It can be anything really, and share them with the whole forum.  What do you say?  Shall we help to spread a positive message?


What I Love about my Appearance:


1. My Scarring: I will be honest, I have quite a bit of scarring - some including some acne scars as well as an assortment of other things.  However, I don't like hiding them at all.  For me, it add a bit more character towards my face.  It shows that I - like many people out there - am not perfect and therefore, I do not expect myself to be.  I accept who I am and deal with it.


2. How Young I Look: I am twenty-five, I barely look like I am eighteen.  I guess this is because of how well I have taken care of my face.  I started to take care of it at a rather young age, only to improve my skin maintenance as I grew older.

Re: Self Beauty

Sometimes we get over it, other times, no.  I know some woman my age have so much unrealistic beauty standards, its crazy.  Everyone has a flaw - even models - and people just need to see it!

Re: Self Beauty

1.  My eyes and that they change colors, it keeps it interesting 

2.  My skin is visibly well cared for and will age gracefully 

3.  My cheekbones are happy!



I think TKK said it best lines the line "moved by all, inspired by none"

Re: Self Beauty

1. My dark features. I tend to be on the pale side because I hate the sun lol so my dark features (dark eyes, dark hair, dark eyebrows) always stand out dramatically against my pale skin =). 


2. How Young I Look: I am alsooo 25 and look like I should still be in high school.

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